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Versatility makes Monash Mechatronics Engineering graduates highly employable

The mechatronics engineering course at Monash University Malaysia trains its students to be versatile and industry relevant to give them an edge in the job market.
Associate Professor Dr Edwin Tan Chee Pin, the Head of the Mechatronics Engineering discipline at the School of Engineering shared thatin the course, students are trained to design engineering systems that function automatically and intelligently, something which requires strong knowledge from various engineering disciplines.
“Students learn how to use their knowledge from different fields of engineering and put everything together to produce a mechatronics systems, which is a system that is controlled by automation to help people work more efficiently, and increase the quality of life. Mechatronics systems are perfect to handle the 3D (Dirty, Dull, Dangerous) jobs, which will help a company improve productivity, reduce risk to humans, and ultimately enhance profits” he said. The versatility of mechatronics graduates has made them highly employable, especially by big multinational corporations.
The School of Engineering actively carries out projects initiated by industry. These projects often involve students working not only with their peers and academic supervisor, but also with an industry representative.

“In today’s fast-changing world, it is important to remain relevant to the needs of the industry. At the School of Engineering, strong efforts are made by academic staff to engage with industries, so that students are given the opportunity to work on projects by various companies, which involve real-world problems. We meet regularly with the industry to update them about the progress of these projects and subsequently, they provide input, ensuring that we are on the right track” he said.
Such interactions allow students to form relationships with the industry early, which provides them with a head start, even before they graduate.
“There are instances where students who performed very well during these projects, gets offered a job, even before they graduate,” he said.
With most of its academic staff being actively involved in research, Dr Tan said students from the School also get to gain research experience by working closely with their lecturers.
As for career options, there are numerous available to mechatronics engineering graduates. Graduatesspecialised in automation, are mostly employed in the manufacturing sector, while others have gone into the specific electrical and mechanical engineering fields, as well as information technology.Wit h the widerange of subjects taught within the degree, graduates are equipped with the necessary skills to fit into the many fields of engineering.
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