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ANC 2+2 Engineering Transfer Program ;The only Pathway to a World-Class US Degree in Engineering

ANC’s 2+2 US Transfer Program has paved the way for nearly 400 students to successfully pursue a degree in Engineering in top ranking Engineering Universities in the US.
US colleges and universities are reputed for turning out high-caliber graduates, especially in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). There are currently more than one million international students studying in all 50 states of America, and the commitment of US higher education institutes to international students has become stronger recently, for America believes in leveraging diversity to achieve success. This has also led the white House to announce a new push to extend visa stays for foreign students graduating from STEM. It’s also believed there will be 2.8 million job openings in STEM industries by 2018.
Start Local, Go Global: ANC’s 2+2 US Transfer Program
A Guarantee of Successful Credit Transfer
• The only educational institution in Sri Lanka to offer authentic US qualifications
• ANC’s US academic partners deliver their degree programs without any localization at ANC
• Credits earned at ANC meet the standards established in US universities, which in turn ensures that ANC transfer students receive academic credit or advanced academic standing in any US university of their choice.
• Prevents students from taking a similar class all over again, and save their time and money.
It’s noteworthy that ANC is the only institute to enable local students to have access to the same standard of education as practiced in America. ANC’s decade long relationship with the top ranked engineering universitiesassures every student, who completes two years of studies at ANC successfully, of a smooth transfer between colleges.
The most successful US University Placement program in Sri Lanka
• University credit articulations with over 30 universities among the top 200 in the fields of Engineering, Science, IT, Business and Liberal Arts.
• Successful placement of nearly 2000 students to150+ universities among the Top 200 in the US since 2002
• Attend to college and visa applications, liaise with the universities for a positive acceptance, coach for visa, and conduct mock visa interviews etc. (ANC has also maintained a visa acceptance rate of 99.9)
• Educating students and parents on transfer options available, US education system, visa guidance, cost and financial aid etc. starts at the freshman orientation
• Students are encouraged to choose the best university in terms of credit transferability, ranking, affordability, and the opportunity to work in Sri Lanka upon graduation if they wish to return.
• Student performance is very closely monitored to make sure that they maintain a better GPA throughout.
• one-on-one discussions with US university representatives and visa advisory sessions by the US embassy

US Higher Education System
USA is the Number 1 Destination for Higher Education
• 8 US universities in the “top 10”Universities in the world
• 30 in the “top 100” Universities in the world
• The U.S. Education System is ranked 1st in the QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings (2016).

Nearly 4500 Universities Offering 1000+ Undergraduate Degrees
There are more than 4000 U.S. universities dedicated to excellence, delivering a high quality education that leads to the development of the whole person and preparation for life and work after graduation.
Students can choose from thousands of undergraduate degrees in the following fields of study:
Booming Entrepreneurship on College Campuses
Nearly 30% of the Fortune 500 beganas class projects at U.S. Universities thanks to an education system that promotes research and innovation and offer unique opportunities for launching a new venture.
 Google
 Dell
 Yahoo
 Facebook
 Dropbox,
 iCracked
 Kinko’s
 Modcloth
 Reddit
 Snapchat
 WordPress

Top Universities for Employability
• U.S. graduates are the most sought-after in the world. With 6 universities in the Top 10, U.S. universities in the Global University Employability Rankings (2016) as well.
• 12 – 36 month internship opportunity after graduating.
Achieving the “American Dream”
A world of opportunities will be available after successful completion of the degree.
There are hundreds of success stories of US educated Asians who achieved their dreams in America. Highlighted below are a few Indians who have proven thatthe American Dream is reachable for anybody irrespective of their origins:
SundarPichai – Google – Chief Executive Officer
Rajeev Suri – Nokia – Chief Executive Officer
IndraNooyi – PepsiCo – Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer
Ajaypal Singh Banga – Mastercard – President and Chief Executive Officer
Financial Aid options at ANC & US
ANC offers tailor-made payment schemes to suits their parents.
• Easy Payment Loan Scheme through ANC
• Customized Student Loans- Over 5 local Banks
• o% interest installment credit card dealsthroughout the year with banks.
• ANC-NDB Co branded credit card offers with the facility of making all overseas university payments as well.
For more information, please contact 0777 301 103, visit us at www.ancedu.com| No.308 – 310, R. A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 03, or follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ancedu/

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