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ICS (UK) Raise The Bar in Commercial Maritime Education

The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (UK) is the professional body for all members of the commercial shipping industry worldwide.
The Institute was founded in 1911 and awarded a Royal Charter in 1920.
The Institute represents all aspects of the shipping business and includes in its membership not only shipbrokers but ship-owners, charterers, agents, forwarders and other shipping professionals.
It is dedicated to the setting and maintenance of the highest standards in international transport and shipping business and is the only internationally recognised professional body in the commercial maritime arena and it represents shipbrokers, ship managers and agents throughout the world.
The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers sets and examines the syllabus for membership, providing the shipping industry with highly qualified professionals.
We have 25 branches in key locations and 4,000 individual Members and Fellows. Every year, in over 110 centers throughout the world, around 5,000 candidates sit its examinations. The Institute’s qualification remains the unique hallmark of professionalism in the world of shipping business.
Individual professional membership of the Institute is gained by candidates passing the Qualifying Examinations. Promotion to Fellowship permits the person to be described as a Chartered Shipbroker and is granted to those of seniority and influence in the world of shipping and international transport.
Every year, in over 110 centres throughout the world, around 5,000 candidates sit its examinations. The Institute’s qualification remains the unique hallmark of professionalism in the world of shipping business.
Members of the Institute are committed to maintaining the highest professional standards across the shipping industry and, as part of a professional body, members enjoy the benefits of an enhanced career in the shipping industry.
The establishment of the ICS Sri Lanka Branch in 1987 , with a vision to enhance mankind living standards through Education and practicing in an ethical way thereby compliment the Sri Lanka society; was instrumental in spreading and focusing ICS examinations .If a cross section of our student base is examined it would reveal that , they emanate from allied industries who are indirectly connected to shipping viz., Freight Forwarding; Banking; Customs Department; Legal fraternity; Insurance Industry; Exporters; Importers; Ports Authority personnel etc., besides the Shipping Agency staff who are directly involved..
This is a result of the efforts put by the Sri Lanka Branch by consistently marketing ICS Courses over the past two decades embracing all these sectors, which has proved very fruitful over the past. Incidentally, in Sri Lanka the ‘FOUNDATION DIPLOMA’ course has been found to be the most popular over the years among the new entry students. To obtain a Certificate or Diploma from an internationally recognized British institute is not only a matter of prestige but a license to secure employment/promotion, enhancement of benefits in one’s workplace etc.
Therefore, based on the scale of popularity and demand, the branch offer ‘INTRODUCTION TO SHIPPING’ and ‘PORT AGENCY’ as the subjects for the ‘Foundation Diploma’ examination. In such a scenario, therefore, initially most students opt for the ‘FOUNDATION DIPLOMA’; on completion of the two subjects of which, each become a proud owner of a ‘DIPLOMA’ from the ICS UK. Thus, the ‘Foundation Diploma’ gained firm ground in the local industry as the first stepping stone for further advancement of one’s career in shipping, for all those who chose to do so. Going one step further we have tied up with the Aquinas University College a degree awarding institute to provide better facilities, as we want our students to feel that they are part of the family, thus help them on their way to success.
The introduction of the ‘ADVANCE DIPLOMA’ was readily and willingly embraced by the student community since it provided a platform to comfortably leap to MICS level. Therefore, the Sri Lanka branch has been so far successful in marketing the three phases of examination.

i) The Foundation Diploma;
ii) The Advance Diploma and
iii) The Professional Qualifying examination (PQE) which leads to the membership of the institut MICS (UK)
This sequence is well received and has so far has proven to be a success, while easing the burden of financial/time constraints otherwise being experienced by the students. This also provided a reasonably comfortable way of completing the examinations and achieving MICS status with the triple steps.
Practically twice a year we have been able to achieve an average of over seventy-five students registering for the ‘Foundation Diploma’ examination and approximately 30 – 60 students appearing forthe Qualifying examinations.
Besides, our turnaround of Members each year has been recording an increase each year resting around 20 to 25 members.
Records reveal the fact that, Sri Lanka as a single examination center is among the first three centers which recorded fielding the highest number of candidates for the ICS examinations, in the recent past.
Our branch would not have been able to achieve this success; if not for the eminent panel of lecturers, mostly ourmembers, where appropriate offers coaching, revision classes, and mockexaminations to meet the increasing specialized requirements of the students and at the same time to ensure that anyone who gains the professional qualification understand the “Business of Shipping” in the broader sense.
The Sri Lanka Branch remains committed to increasing its efforts to reach and keep the quality and standards that have been set by the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers in London and we look forward to more years of successful operation.
They could be reached on + 94 11 2559762 or [email protected] or follow them on Facebook page ICS – UK, Sri Lanka Branch.

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