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International Medical Campus-IMC records largest intake to Belarus for 2017 intake

After all the hard work for preparations, exams, Career counseling and guidance, finally the Dr Dream becomes a reality with the first step to kickstart their Medical Career in Belarus. The International Medical Campus has a sense of pride and honor to work with close to 100 Students to Belarus one of the most popular destination to study medicine.
We wish the entire batch of student their very best on the trust they have kept upon us at the IMC Campus and for them to go on there and concur the world with their talents. We will offer you a Worlds top 500 University for a very affordable investment.
IMC offers scholarships and financial grants to make medical education affordable
Has it always bothered you on the investment regarding a Medical University education? Don’t worry; we can help you in this. Like the hundreds of other studentswho have gone through this process, even you may apply for an IMC Scholarship program and who knows, you may help your parents to save a huge investment on your Medical Career.
Furthermore we also havefinancial grants each worth Rupees 1 million other than the recent full (100%) tuition paid scholarship that we offered for excellent students to study medicine abroad
For those who would like to apply now
Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) in Belarus
Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) is located in the city of Vitebsk in Belarus in Eastern Europe. Minsk is the capital of Belarus. Vitebsk is one of the 3 main cities of Belarus. The distance from Minsk to Vitebsk is around 3 hours’ drive.
Vitebsk State Medical University was founded in November 1934 and started enrolling foreign students in 1981. Since then more than 1250 foreign students, including over 300 from Sri Lanka have graduated from VSMU. Presently more than 7000 internationalstudents study in VSMU. On top of all these facts, a European medical degree from a world recognized state medical university is closer than you think. VSMU Medical degree is very affordable and has the option of making PAYMENTS ON ANNUALLY ORBY SEMESTER basis. The moderate tuition fees with affordable living costs makes VSMU as the No.1 choice for students seeking high quality and affordable medical education
Gomel State Medical University
The Gomel state medical university which was formerly known as Gomel State Medical Institute is public teaching university based in Gomel, Belarus. Gomel has four universities of different fields and one of them is Gomel state medical university. Today, Gomel State Medical University contains. The main campus of Gomel State Medical University located in the downtown of Gomel with 18 adjacent clinical sites spread across the city. The clinical base of the University is one of the best in Belarus, where the advanced medical technologies on diagnostic and treatment of endocrinology, cardiologic, immunology, and hematology, ophthalmologic, oncologic and other diseases are applied.
The faculty includes 276 members with more than third holding MD/PhD degree. For the years of its existence, the University has prepared about 1500 doctors in 54 medical specialties. The graduates of the University work in clinics of different cities in Belarus and other parts of Europe.
Grodno State Medical University
The Grodno State Medical University was established in 1958. The University has 5 faculties. The University offers five undergraduate majors, 33 majors for clinical residents, 20 majors for Ph.D. students. First master’s degree holders have been qualified. International students have been studying at the university since 1995. And since 2003 university has been providing training in English during the whole period of study. At present 531 international students from 30 countries study at the university.
The university works in collaboration with educational and research centers of Poland, Germany, Russia and other countries.
Since we only have very limited seats at the Universities, We encourage those students who have their London AL results as well as for Local A/Level students with pending results to come and meet us immediately for the 2017/ 2018 intakes.
What happens if I have come down in my AL’s?
There is nothing to worry, We at the IMC Campus will equip you with a very comprehensive full time course for PreMedicine embedded with London A/Levels, so as a result you will cover a all round approach of studying Medicine. You will be equipped with a 360 degree education with an unmatched learning system covering more than 15 different areas and give the possibility to re-sit ALs again.
This Program will guarantee your placement in World recognized Universities with us such as the Manipal Melaka Medical College, Vitebsk State Medical University, Grodno State Medical University and Gomel State Medical University
All our university partners are recognized by SLMC and students have the option to practice in Sri Lanka after the graduation by completing the ERPM (the local exams for the Foreign Medical graduates) by SLMC. Furthermore university partners are also recognized by General Medical Council (GMC) UK, ECFMG USA, Australian Medical Council (AMC). Students will have opportunities to explore overseas medical career opportunities which are very rewarding
International Medical Campus-IMC is duly accredited by all the above Medical Universities as its official representative in Sri Lanka-Maldives and also the only International Learning Center in Sri Lanka for the London A/Level Embedded Pre-Medicine programs of Melaka Manipal Medical College, Vitebsk State Medical University, Gomel State Medical University and Grodno State Medical University.
Limited Seats are available for the October and November Intake, Please call us on 0774410782 or 0773 088 840 or IMC Kandy on 0777 230 033

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