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There must be truth in the saying “one size does not fit all”.
However, there could be some keys that would openmore than one door giving unparalleled opportunities to an individual in career development. Such a valuable key is being offered by the Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (CMA) by way of its Professional management accountancy qualification.
CMA registration for new students is open now. Although the basic requirement for registration is three simple passes in any subject stream, obtained at the GCE Advanced Level Examinationstudents who just sat for A/L can also register, pending results, to become an early beginner.
CMA Members can register as Company Secretaries
Despite the name, company secretaries don’t have anything to do with shorthand and typing. A company Secretary is responsible for efficient administration of a company with regard to ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and ensuring implementation of decisions made by the Board of Directors.
It is a position at managerial or higher level with a large number responsibilities and high status.
CMA members, who have passed all exams and with a 3 year practical training completed, are in a position to register as Company Secretaries, based on a decision made by Cabinet of Ministers on the 4th December 2014.The secretary to the Treasury on 21st August 2017 has sent the Public Enterprise circular No PED02/2017 to implement this cabinet decision of 4th September 2014 to recognize the CMA Sri Lanka qualification in the scheme of recruitment to the posts of Financial Executives in government corporations, statutory boards, state bans and government owned enterprises.
Qualified to Enter Higher positions in the state corporations, statutory boards, state banks and government owned companies
The same Cabinet decision has accepted CMA qualification to be on par with Chartered Accountants Sri Lanka (CASL) as well as with international accountancy qualifications such as ACCA-UK and CIMA UK.
While following CMA you could register for management degree program at Open University
As the breadth of the CMA syllabus is so extensive, the Open University of Sri Lanka has decided to allow students who successfully complete the Managerial Level (Level 3) to join the 3rd year of its 4 year Management Degree Program.
A large number of CMA students have made use of this opportunity so far, to complete the 4 year degree in just 2 years, becoming doubly qualified to make them valuable products in the job market.
CMA takes pride in its students who have obtained double qualifications and holding higher positions in the industry.
Career Progression by adding aMBA as well?
Master in Business administration (MBA) another qualification sought after by many, CMA Professionals seeking higher positions as MBA on top of a professional or academic qualifications is a well-regarded in the business sector.
There are many UGC approved institutes who offer MBAs in Sri Lanka.
Among them, Post Graduate Institute of Management (PIM) ,University of Kelaniya,University of Colombo and open university of Sri Lanka accept the CMA qualification as an entry qualification.
How to get around lack of time in your time table? CMA is coming home.
One may say that there are only twenty four hours to a day and I have so much to do, work, study attend to other tasks and such.
CMA says you can do all that and study for CMA to get qualified because CMA has devised ways around that problem appreciating the fact that time factor discourages lot of people from further education.
Self-study packs
One solution CMA offers for students who grapple with lot of tasks simultaneously is the self-study packs. Students can buy self-study packs and study for CMA exams at their own pace and time, saving the time they otherwise have to spend going for classes.
E-learning facility
The young generation is so much technology savvy and obviously most of them prefer a computer screen to a book. CMA, working hand in hand with technological improvements used in education, has introduced online learning facility termed as e-learning. At a special fee, CMA students could obtain a user name and a password that would give them access to the Education Portal of the CMA. This way they could download their study material and study in their free times. At the end of each chapter they would get questions and answers relevant to the chapter.
This would also give them the opportunity to download lessons using cheap or free data offers during off-peak times.
Flash animation, Power Point presentations as well as videos are used in e-learning study materials to clarify difficult areas.
In addition, students can take part in online discussion forums and chat rooms that would provide the opportunity for them to obtain knowledge from each other to tackle difficulties they encounter while studying.
It doesn’t stop there, they could contact qualified teachers appointed for the purpose by the CMA. Emails addresses of teachers are given in the study portal and teachers will respond to students’ requests within 48 hours.
The best thing about studying for CMA is, students can switch among study modes as they like. They can go for classes and if they find something more important like another exam coming up, they could study using e-learning facility during that particular semester and then move back again.
Mature students and those in employment
CMA provides special facilities to mature students and those in employment who has been working in an accounting environment to register for CMA programme and go up the career path.
For further information of registration and other facilities offered by CMA, visit the website or call Madhuka on 077 8802522/Bhanuka
077 8833363/Gihani 076 637 5456

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