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Work in Japan as an IT/ Software Engineer ; Scholarships upto 50% for Japanese Computing Degrees

The Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI) announced that it would be offering scholarships to A/L students pending results. Students are encouraged to apply immediately as interviews will be held in September. The first year is scheduled to begin in October 2017 for Software Engineering and Information Technology programmes.
The LNBTI is a partnership between two leading IT companies, Metatechno Japan, a company that specializes in developing Embedded Software for Electronics and Computing devices manufacturers around the world, and hSenid International, an application and service provider for the telecom, financial and enterprise markets.
The primary focus of the LNBTI is to fine-tune students through a specialized curriculum designed to ensure its graduates are well qualified and highly capable of working in any related job in Japan or any other part of the world.
With the growing need for ICT qualified people in Japan, there are promising opportunities for students who want to live and work in Japan or the region. Therefore, one of the main advantages of studying at the LNBTI is the potential of securing immediate employment opportunities in Sri Lanka, Japan and other countries in the region. This is possible due to the highly regulated Japanese quality business culture courses, and its Higher IT curriculum that has been formulated to supply industry ready professionals to the Japanese and Sri Lankan related IT industry market.
The LNBTIwas officially openedin the presence of H.E. the Ambassador to Japan, Mr. Kenichi Suganuma. With Japan’s economy opening up, and the country facing an aging workforce, there is huge requirement for qualified IT graduates to work in various IT-related industries.
Application forms can be downloaded through the LNBTI website or Facebook page free of charge.For more information, call the LNBTI hotline number 0773360000 or email [email protected] LNBTI looks forward to the future with optimism and invites you to develop your competencies with the leading Japanese IT Institute in Sri Lanka.

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