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ANC Students Pursue Their Higher Education Dreams in Prestigious American Universities

ANC Education has an unrivaled reputation as the only institute in Sri Lanka to offer authentic US qualifications. ANC is also the only institute that paves the way for a local student to transfer to a top US university upon successful completion of the required number of academic credits. US universities require every undergraduate to take classes in several subjects, such as Math, English Composition, History, Social Sciences, etc. before concentrating on one’s major. Those who opt for ANC’s 2+2 US Transfer program meet the general education requirements during their two year stay at ANC, and they receive their academic transcripts only from US partner universities: this ensures the easy transfer of academic credits and successful acceptance. ANC, in collaboration with a number of world class universities, has enabled thousands of students to pursue their higher education dreams in the U.S.A. Hundreds of ANC students are accepted by reputed US universities every year!
15 of the world’s top 20 universities are US universities (The Times Higher education World Rankings 2016-2017). It is a world of opportunities available for students who opt for U.S. Transfer programs, for they can choose from nearly 100 undergraduate degrees in the following fields of study:
Engineering | IT | Medicine
Business | Education
Social Sciences/ Humanities
America attracts millions of international students and the most academically accomplished faculty, those who have made a name for themselves, many of whom have written the standard texts in their fields. State-of-the-art physical facilities of US colleges are surpassed only by the unparalleled brilliance of their faculty. US colleges used to turn out more STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) graduates, but the recent demand for “non-STEM jobs” has forced these colleges to be equally strong in technology, business, and the arts. They strive to offer every student a well-rounded education.
The fact that nearly one-quarter of the founders of US start-up companies worth $1 billion or more (Google, Dropbox, Dell, Facebook, Microsoft, SnapChat, Modcloth, Reddit, Kinko’s, for example) first came to America as international students is a testimony to the fact that US colleges do offer unique opportunities for students to improve their lives, no matter where they come from. According to Kaitlin Mulhere (2016), “…for one thing, you have a network of resources at the ready, from actual networking opportunities with alumni to professors’ industry expertise, to specialized classes in technology or finance.”
ANC students are given guidance to choose programs based on their interests, skills, competencies, and future plans. Transfer students are guided step by step for a smooth transfer between colleges: students will learn everything about classes that best fit their needs, scholarship requirements, application procedures and deadlines in advance.
Transfer students enjoy a number of benefits such as learning from experts in their fields, cutting edge connections- most sophisticated smart classroom facilities and computer labs in the U.S.A., on-campus work options (20hrs a week), and 12/ 36 month work visa after graduation (Optional Practical Training program allows F-1 visa holders to work full-time in the US) besides their exposure to everything the great country has to offer. This unique opportunity is expected to transfer the lives of students as they find a way to adjust, adapt, and flourish: they become stronger during this process, learn new, transferable life skills, and recognize their potential for leadership and success, which in turn would help them launch truly global careers with leading companies.
During their stay at ANC, our students have access to a range of amenities and support services that enable them to be prepared to compete with their international counterparts in future. To illustrate this, in addition to regular classes, every student is encouraged to make the most of “office hours” with the faculty. Free remedial tutoring is arranged for freshmen who need extra help with core subject areas. In addition, SAT/ IELTS/IT classes are offered free of charge so that students will have satisfied necessary requirements by the time they complete their two years at ANC.

Contact 0777449955 or visit us at http://www.ancedu.com/ No. 308, R.A. De Mel Mawatha, Colombo 3. for more information.

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