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IMC (International Medical Campus), the leading provider of medical education and career pathways provides Sri Lankan students to study medicine in Asia and Europe in leading medical Universities. In collaboration with Partner Universities Scholarships u to US $ 25,000 are on offer for deserving students and Financial Grants up to Rs. 1 million for the September Intake for the European Universities and October intake for Asian Medical Colleges.
IMC provides multiple opportunities for students to further their studies in medicine. Students gain necessary pre-qualifications, skills and competencies in pre-clinical and clinical to continue their medical education overseas.Today IMC has become the comprehensive medical education and career services provider in Sri Lanka.
12 month fast tracked London A/Level embedded pre-medicine program –
A/Level qualifications are an essential requirement for Sri Lankan students who intend to study medicine overseas. Sri Lankan Medical Council (SLMC) requires minimum eligibility criteria and IMC 1 year Fast tracked A/Levelembedded Bio-Science program is your ideal option to achieve this. Studentsare taught by experienced teachers and professors in areas which are important for success in London A/Level examinations.
The A/Level courses are supplemented with the Foundation in Science (FIS) qualification awarded Three European Universities namely, Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU), Gomel State Medical University (GSMU), Grodno state Medical University (GRSMU) from Belarus and by Manipal Melaka Medical College (MMMC) a leading medical university in Malaysia. Advanced Level embedded Pre-med (Foundation in Science) program gives essential practical and hands-on skills and complements the knowledge they gather during the A/Level fast tracked program.
IMCDirect University Placement for those with A/Level qualifications –
IMCFacilitates students to select a medical university to match their academic and career aspirations. Students who have fulfilled the minimum Local or London A/Level entry criteriaare given the opportunity to select a suitable university overseas.
IMC Represent some of the top Medical Universities in Europe and Asia
Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) – An Award Winning University
With more than 390 current Sri Lankan students and more than 500 Sri Lankan medical graduates, VSMU has become a top choice for students looking at high quality and affordable medical education. (VSMU) is the premier medical institution in the Republic of Belarus and one of the most famous government Medical Universities. Founded in 1934 VSMU is located in the city of Vitebsk in Belarus in Eastern Europe. In existence for over 80 years has won recognition as a highly placed medical university in Europe. The academic program developed and maintained according to the European Qualification framework.
Why Study Medicine at Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU)
• State owned university which maintains a high level of education compatible with European standards.
• Total student population more than 7,000 from around the globe and Sri Lankan student population of over 300.
• English Medium Curriculum
• Clinical Training in State Hospitals (20 Teaching hospitals with a total bed capacity of 10,700)
• Student Teacher ratio maintained as per European Standards at 10:1
• Low Tuition cost and high quality education. Total tuition fee of Rs. 4 million. Comparatively lower cost of living and accommodation.
Grodno State Medical University (GRSMU) – One of the Top 500 Universities in the World
Situated near the Polish borders of Beautiful Belarus in the city of Grodno, GRSMU the leading medical university in Eastern Europe. It is one of world’s best 500 universities. (RankPro 2013 / 2014 The 6 year Doctor of Medicine (MD) program is conducted fully in English medium including the clinical stage. Extensive clinical training done in state hospitals which are equipped with the latest equipment and technology is supported with a comprehensive pre-clinical program conducted in advanced simulated environments.
Why Study Medicine at Grodno State Medical University (GRSMU)
• Grodno State Medical University is one of the leading medical universities in the Republic of Belarus and among the top 500 in the world.
• International students have been studying at the university since 1995. Since, 2003 university has been providing training in English during the whole period of study.
• At present 531 international students from 30 countries of the world study at the university.
• GRSMU has the only simulation lab in Belarus and one of the best English Medium clinical programs in Eastern Europe.
• Quality Medical Education at an affordable cost – Tuition fee of Grodno State Medical University is 4300 USD per annum.
Gomel State Medical University (GSMU)
Gomel State Medical University Founded in 1990is a state medical institution that is owned and operated by the government of Belarus. The University comprise of the Faculty of General Medicine, Faculty of Medical Diagnostics, Faculty of Pre-University Training and the Faculty of General Medicine for Overseas Students.
Why Study Medicine at Gomel State Medical University (GSMU)
• Most affordable and one of the best Medical Education provider in the republic of Belarus. Total Tuition fee of less than Rs. 4 Million. Accommodation and living costs lower than other similar places.
• English Medium Curriculum
• Clinical Training in State Hospitals
• Focused on European education standards with student – teacher ratio 10:1
Manipal Melaka Medical College India and Malaysia – A World Class Educational Center
The Melaka-Manipal Medical College (MMMC) is an esteemed private medical institution with a hallmark of academic excellence and an enviable track record in providing quality medical education.The medical and dental programs at MMMC are carried out in collaboration with the renowned Manipal University, India.
Melaka-Manipal has won the prestigious Brand Laureate Awards for Corporate Branding in Education (Medicine) & has also got the 6 Star rating in My Quest Health & Welfare Cluster (2011, 2012), Health & Welfare Cluster (2013, 2014), International Students Readiness (2013, 2014). Manipal is ranked as the No 1 private Medical College in India.
Why Study Medicine at MMMC
• State of the art education facilities including the largest health science library in Asia and the largest anatomy and pathology museum in Asia.
• Becoming a part of an esteemed educational system with an international reputation and worldwide alumni.
• The clinical part is carried out in government hospitals in Malaysia.
• On campus hostel accommodation consists of fully air-conditioned single rooms, attached bathrooms, hot water and many facilities.
• USMLE and MRCP training programs at MMMC prepare students to take up careers in USA and UK.
• A wide Range of Recreational Facilities
• Higher pass rate in qualifying examinations such as ERPM / ACT 16 (Sri Lanka) and USMLE (USA)
Kathmandu Medical College – (KMC)
Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital (KMCTH) is a medical college located in Katmandu the Capital city of Nepal. Established in 1997, KMC is a private Medical College in Nepal which is permanently affiliated to Kathmandu University.
Why Study Medicine at Kathmandu Medical College (KMC)
• Private Medical college but affiliated to a State University and maintains a high level of education compatible with Asian and Global Standards.
• One year compulsory Internship
• Easy access to clinical material as it is located within the hospital
• Clinical Training in State Hospitals
• English Medium Curriculum
• Cost of education and living costs are cheaper compared to other Asian countries.
• KMC is ranked among the best private medical colleges in Nepal affiliated to Kathmandu University.
Students who have sat for the London A/Levels will have the option to apply for the September intake of MD Program in Europe and the MBBS program in Asia with their pending results. Students who have sat for their London O/Levels can fast track their Medical Education by joining the world renowned London A/Level embedded Pre-Medicine program and achieve their dream of becoming a doctor much ahead of their peers.
For more information on Scholarships, Financial Grants and enrolments please contact IMC Colombo on 0773 088 840 or IMC Kandy on 0777 230 033

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