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Biomedical Science Degree for A/L Bio Students

British College of Applied Studies happens to be the only private higher education institution in Sri Lanka that honestly does justice to its slogan “Building Careers and Transforming lives”. The students are able to apply what they are equipped for by BCAS in the job they secure and that too in the quickest possible time. True to its slogan, indeed.
Offering market relevant courses and training programmes has been the vision of British College of Applied Studies ever since it was established in 1999. During its successful operation for more than 19years now, It is noteworthy to mention that during 2015/2016 /2017 BCASCampus received the following prestigious international awards for its outstanding contribution to higher education.
• The highest award “Platinum Partner” from Pearson (EdexelUK ) has been awarded to BCAS Campus recently. BCAS Campus was selected for this award for its outstandingly best performance amongst the higher education institutions in Sri Lanka delivering BTEC HND courses.

• “Education Institute with Best Academic and Industry Interface” awarded by South Asian Partnership Summit

• “Academic Impact Winner” awarded by QSI (Quantity Surveyors International, UK)

• “Best Employer Award” & “Outstanding contribution to the cause of Education “ASIA’s BEST EMPLOYER BRAND AWARDS 2017

Talking about bio-medical science, its uses and applicability, it is a science connected to biology especially in the context of medicine. Biomedical scientists are typically active in biomedical research in fields such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pharmacology, or Microbiology and may have contact with patients in research protocols or in medical laboratory.
Throughout the world these scientists work as engineers or technologists to find innovative ways to cure diseases by developing advanced diagnostic tools and treatment methodologies where physicians and pathologists play a pivotal role.
The general motivation may be stated as: “to increase the body of scientific knowledge on topics related to medicine.” Biomedical scientists study disease, drugs, and other topics related to human health. Their role is to develop or improve treatments, vaccines, equipment, and techniques involving health care.
Biomedical scientists tend to focus more on complex medical science and research over treatment techniques and day-to-day medicine as their more patient-oriented physician counterparts.
Biomedical scientists study aspects of living organisms, such as reproduction, growth, and development to develop treatments, prevent disease, and promote health. Their research can investigate health (basic) or investigate how to prevent disorders (applied). Scientists may use human volunteers or models. Workplaces include institutes, hospitals or industries, laboratory-based.
The BTEC HND in Biomedical Science is a 24-month course and the successful completion of it will enable the student to complete the top-up degree with the University of wolverhampton in Sri Lanka or theUK or transfer the credits to Australia , Canada, USA or any other countries . When you are equipped with the degree,you can be assured that standards are in place to ensure that your chosen biomedical science degree course from UK will be internationally competitive and rigorous, and furnish you with training useful for a valuable future.
BCAS provides a ladder of education opportunities and structured career development routes for both full-time and part-time students from post-OL to undergraduate degree and beyond.
BCAS’ schools include Computing, Building Studies, Management, Engineering and Technology and Legal Studies with an exclusive state of the art English Language Teaching Unit.
Those who wanted to upgrade their qualification obtained from BCAS have been able to gain admission for advanced entry with several reputed universities in UK, Australia, USA etc for various courses. BCAS Study Abroad, a subsidiary of BCAS has assisted about 2000 such students so far to go for higher education in those countries, especially the UK. Most of them have completed their degrees and found lucrative jobs locally and abroad.
A friendly and stimulating environment is afforded in all BCAS campuses for classroom learning, independent and group studies. Student centered learning is the method employed at BCAS in order to develop the competency level of the student to face the future challenges with confidence.

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