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STUDY WITH WORK PERMIT; Spot Admission open in 81 European government universities for over 900 Degree Programs

RUSSIA is the largest country in the world. Rich cultural heritage and great natural variety place Russia among the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The country contains 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In 2015, the Russian economy was the sixth largest in the world by GDP based on PPP valuation and tenth largest at market exchange rates. The Russian economy is currently labeled as a high-income economy and by extension, as a developed country by the World Bank. Russia has rich natural resources including petroleum, diamonds, platinum, gold, copper, manganese, uranium, silver and graphite. Also knows as largest diamond-producing nation, the first largest petroleum oil producer in the World and largest satellite developer in the world. Russia also has world’s finest traditions in arts, Ballet, theater, cinema, literature, music, and visual arts. Russia’s great technological and scientific Innovations are legendary. Further more Russia is known as the World’s Second- Largest immigration heaven, According to the World Bank and UN population division estimated as of 2013. Russia is the second most frequent migrant destination country in the world after the United States with approximately 12.3 million immigrants who have moved to the country primarily for economic reasons. The Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation, a government agency in control of the migration process, reported 9.1 million guest workers employed in Russia in 2012, mostly citizens are from the former Soviet states, India, China, Asia, Africa, and Europe.
As per the Annual WCA World Countries Awards ceremony WCA 2016 Winners List Russia Won as “Best Country in the World”, “Most Beautiful Capital City In The World, Russian Capital Moscow”, “Russian food as the Best Food in the World”, “Russian people as Nicest People on Earth”, “Russian people are the Smartest people on the Planet”, “Russian men as Most Handsome Men in the World” and “Russian women as Most Beautiful Women In The World”
Russia has a large and sophisticated arms industry, capable of designing and manufacturing high-tech military equipment, including a fifth-generation fighter jet, nuclear powered submarines, firearms, short range/long range ballistic missiles. The value of Russian arms exports totaled $15.7 billion USD in 2013 second only to the US. Top military exports from Russia include combat aircraft, air defense systems, ships and submarines. Russia is the country to Study and Living and achieve your Targets of Life…
EDUCATION IN RUSSIA : UNIVERSITY FEE IS WORTH AS SCHOLARSHIPS! University Fee Starts from Rs.290,000 per year including All the Books, Exams, Theory, Practical, Lectures and Accommodation. Russian education as a whole is regarded as one of the most qualitative and fundamental in the world. A lot of attention is paid to the basic theoretical knowledge of the student, and to extensive practical skills. This allows the student to find a well-paid job and begin climbing the career ladder right after graduation. There is an opportunity for students to work part time in Russia. Students are allowed
to work after classes or during holidays or on weekends. First you need to get acquainted with the new country and learn Russian. When you become a third-year student, you can get a professional, job, but only if you study well or eligible to handle a professional job roll and attend all the required classroom activities. Students of Russian universities are obliged to attend all lectures, since only the knowledge gained during classroom sessions allows students to become effective and knowledgeable professionals.
University Programs : This is your chance to get admission in Medicine, Management, Economics, Business Administration, Hospitality, Hotel and Tourism Management, Fashion Design, Computer Information Technology IT and Graphs, Fine Arts, Law, Biotechnology, Nano engineering, Architecture, Construction, Radio tectonics, Laser / Robotics Technology, Advertisement and Public Relations, Physiology, Pediatric, Drama, and more than 900 Degree Courses more in European Government Universities at very special University fees rates. You can choose any Degree course and profession you’ve ever dreamed to become. Also Minimum qualification is GCE O/L or Advance level pending results. You can get all the details and entire support of admission and visas immigration facilities in Sri Lanka from The Main representative of most of the Belarus and Russian Government Universities The “CHANCE TO SUCCESS” company
Through “CHANCE TO SUCCESS” company students can get Guaranteed University admission according to education qualifications and students and parents can get Guaranteed Visa on hand in Sri Lanka before traveling.
Russian Government Universities are highly recognized by UGC University Grant commission of Sri Lanka, IAU The International Association of Universities listed at WHED World Higher Education Databse, WHO World Health Organization, The European University Association (EAU), UNESCO,EUA, DAS UK and BSRUN, MCI. Certificates of conformity with international standards ISO guarantee the qualities of educational and scientific activities of the universities and it was assessed by DAS certification UK. The most of the Universities conducting in English Medium programs. While studying in Russia, students have the opportunity to travel around Europe including Germany, France, Italy, and Poland to improve their practical skills and knowledge.
The cost of living in Russia is affordable for students and those are safe countries for students. There is no racism, religious violence and strikes or university harassing or raging. People of Russia are very friendly and helpful for foreigners. Universities will provide free comfortable hostel accommodation with all the facilities to students. Already More than 60,000 foreign students from 160 foreign countries including Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, France, Turkey Arab, China, Malaysia, Poland and Vietnam enroll in Government Universities every year. Most of the students who are graduated successfully working in Russia and Other European Nations.
All the graduate students from Russia will get International Degree Issued by The Ministry of Education in Russia, that accepts and recognized by All over Europe, USA, Canada, UK, Middle East and Asia. The forms and methods of organizing student’s life are multiple. By studying in Russia, you will get more Educational and job placement opportunities in Europe. You can now contact the University representatives authorized by Belarus Embassy and Ministry of Education Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus Government Universities “CHANCE TO SUCCESS” company in your country for more information! “CHANCE TO SUCCESS” is recognized and registered in Ministry of Corporate Affairs in India and Sri Lanka since 2004.
In order to help our student’s to shape their dreams, “CHANCE TO SUCCESS” have built up a strong relationship with Government universities in Belarus and Russia, where students can invest money and time for education without doubt. The reasons why “CHANCE TO SUCCESS” only represent government universities are because, Russian universities are not depending on foreign students fees and those are funded by Russian Ministry of Education Government funds, therefor fees are much more affordable than most of the Asian Government Universities or private universities. Since the government universities do not depend on foreign student’s finances what you invest is purely for your education only. Furthermore, these government universities have unlimited facilities and learning resources comparatively to privet institutes. Also students will get all the Government hospital facilities, Sports facilities and Government recognition. Most significantly the world recognition for these universities are really high and always remain among top ranking universities.
CHANCE TO SUCCESS” has been having a strong relationship with Belarus, as we are the only authorized and recommended agent by Russian and Belarus Embassy. Further, Russian universities also having longstanding connection, as Mr. Danushka Cooray the Chairman of “CHANCE TO SUCCESS” had been graduated and stayed in Russia for 7 Years.

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