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BCAS CAMPUS join hands with HELP CAT ; Int’l qualification in Hotel Management

For the first time in Sri Lanka, HELP CAT (Malaysia) offer internationally recognized Qualification in Hotel Management industry to the Sri Lankan students through their collaborative partner BCAS CAMPUS
A student who has completed GCE O/L can join BCAS CAMPUS to complete the Certificate level in Hotel Management which is of 6 month duration. Upon the completion the student will be awarded the certificate in Hotel Management from Malaysia’s HELP CAT. This will enable himto be transferred to HELP CAT to continue their Diploma Level (18 Months) with paid internship in Malaysia, France or in a European country. Over a period of two years the students will have earned an International Qualification in Hotel Management.
Sri Lanka has become very popular amongst the foreign tourists to spend their holiday. With many hotels being built in the country some of which are 7-star ones, there will be a definite demand for qualified professionals in the hotel industry. Needless to say, the salary will be high due to the high demand for the qualified in the trade.
By starting the Diploma in Hotel Management at BCAS CAMPUS, the student will save a huge amount of money. State of art classrooms, qualified lecture panel, practical sessions, et cetera at BCAS Campus will prepare the students to cope with the intricacies of the hotel trade in a professional way.
Features at HELP CAT Malaysia to ensure quality delivery of the course

= Prepares students adaptable to the fast changing trends in the hospitality business
= Provides high quality and unique approachin teaching and learning
= State-of-the-art teaching aids
= Highly experienced faculty with proven industrial, professional and academic track records
= Small classes for a better learning environment
= For subjects requiring the acquisition of skills, such as restaurant operations, a modular method of teaching and learning is adopted. For each practical subject, students will learn the techniques in a laboratory setting, where they will have an opportunity to improve their effectiveness and efficiency before applying them in actual service settings.

= With a low lecturer-student ratio for practical and theory classes, lecturers at HELP CAT are able to spend time with each individual student, giving timely feedback and facilitating the acquisition and mastery of knowledge, efficient skills and professional attitudes. An integrated broad-based “learning by doing” experience, an experience based approach, with a career-focused curriculum is adopted to enable students to gain real-world experience. As such the students are trained to think critically, communicate effectively and manage professionally.

= Students benefit from the most comprehensive and advanced state-of-the-art learning resources and support facilities. There are well equipped kitchens, training restaurants, a mock-up front office and a housekeeping suite. They are also introduced to e-Learning as part of their learning environment to enhance communication and sharing of information.

= Internship provides students with hands-on experiential learning in related industries. This provides them with the opportunity to put their learning into practice. The students will be able to develop their technical skills in a work environment and to learn the skills of a supervisory and managerial level. It also prepares them for future careers and enhances their employability.

People travelling for business or leisure reasons look for a “home away from home” when they travel. Therefore, good food and a secure and restful accommodation can go a long way towards making people enjoy traveling. Lodging managers ensure that guests’ needs are taken care of by providing amenities like television and fitness rooms, and making sure everything is kept in order. Lodging managers work at all kinds of establishments, from traditional hotels to camping areas, inns, motels, ranches and resorts. Lodging managers have many different duties as well. They may also provide services for business travellers like helping arrange conferences and providing meeting rooms and electronic equipment.
The HELP CAT Department of Hospitality, consisting of the Centre of Culinary Entrepreneurship and the Centre of Hotel Management, conducts diploma programmes in culinary arts and hotel management.
The industry strives to ensure high levels of satisfaction for temporary space to travellers in the form of hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, cruise lines, contract catering, retail outlets, fast food restaurants, suites and residences. Traditional roles are in front office, housekeeping, guest services and sales.
DrChoong, the President of HELP CAT will visit Sri Lanka to launch the programme at BCAS CAMPUS. We invite potential students along with their parents to participate in our launching ceremonyon 26th March 2017. Please call 0765204503 to reserve your seat.

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