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Malaysia’s leading medical – Health Science University ;Study Medicine and Health Sciences in IMU

IMU is a university wholly specializing in medicine and complementary medicine programmes which means that all resources are devoted to excellence in this area of education. Comprising of five schools in the Faculty of Medicine and Health, the IMU has something to offer everyone interested in undergraduate, postgraduate and continuous learning programmes in the field of healthcare.
IMU is also pioneering the close integration of Research and Healthcare practice together with Education. Students get early exposure to research projects by interacting with the established IMU Institute for Research, Development & Innovation (IRDI) throughout their degree.
Over the years IMU has also established partnerships with leading hospitals in the country to allow its staff and students to get continuous and extensive real-life clinical experience. It also operates its own private clinics, IMU Healthcare, in various areas to ensure close integration of real practice with education.
IMU pioneered the partner university model. It has established a strong global network of more than 29 partner institutions of higher learning. These collaborations cover most of the undergraduate programmes offered in IMU.
This reflects its historic commitment to opening doors to education and training opportunities outside Malaysia via credit transfer and twinning programmes, opportunities that would not otherwise be available to Malaysians. IMU’s diverse partner universities include universities from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, Ireland, China and United Kingdom. This way students can study only 2.5 years in Malaysia at IMU and transfer to leading universities in the world in above countries. So the students can save cost by doing the 1st phase at IMU.
IMU’s lecturers are highly-qualified in their fields of expertise with extensive experience in not only academia (teaching, research and publications) but also in clinical/professional practice. Through exclusive arrangements with our Partner Universities, senior faculty members from those universities participate in yearly quality assurance reviews which ensures that IMU’s benchmarks global standards.
Some also come as visiting lecturers to teach specialized subjects on a rotational basis at IMU.

IMU’s Learning Philosophy is grounded on its core values, which fosters students’ development into knowledgeable, competent and caring healthcare professionals who are critical thinkers, reflective and yet proactive. The IMU Cares programme provides ample opportunities for IMU students and staff to engage and serve the community.
Active involvement in the community allow students to translate knowledge gained in classrooms into health education to the public, enhance communication skills and strengthen professional and technical skills in real world environments. All this combines to create graduates who are committed to lifelong learning and imbued with a sense of good citizenship, leadership and ethical behavior.
At IMU you will have relevant clinical exposure and / or industrial placements which better prepares you to become a healthcare professional and in addition you will study alongside a diverse population of students and practitioners from all healthcare fields. This inter-professional learning allows you to appreciate how the different fields in healthcare practice relate and complement each other, which better prepares you for employment.
You will also have the chance to develop strong friendship amongst peers that will be the foundation of an extensive professional network upon graduation which will facilitate your career development.
Be part of this prestigious University and obtain a world class MBBS degree by contacting 077 30 888 40 or visit www.imcedu.com

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