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IMC A/L embedded medical foundation

About International Medical Campus – IMC
International Medical Campus (IMC) is Sri Lanka’s premier provider of medical university pathway programs to world’s leading medical universities. Started with the leadership of Dr.Nihal Nonis Chairman, a pioneer in Sri Lankan Medical education, IMC has achieved leadership in medical student recruitment and placement. IMC provides opportunities for students to further their medical education in world’s leading destinations such as USA, Canada, Australia, Asia, UK & Europe.
The demand for places at medical schools globally is increasing year on year, with many students being disappointed and missing out on a place at their university of choice. This can be due to the prevailing high competition for medical seats in respective medical universities or due to the student’s inability to meet the specified entry criteria of the medical universities. Most students become disheartened or discouraged but what they do not know is that there are plenty of other options right at their doorstep.

IMC – International Learning Center for World Reputed Pre-Medical, Medical Foundation Courses
IMC offers several globally recognized medical foundation programs at its state-of-the art city campus in No.7. Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mawatha Colombo 06. These pre-medical foundation programs prepare students for academic success in destination medical degrees. One of the most interesting features is the A/Level embedded Pre-Med programs which will ensure that you are Medical university admission ready in just 1 year time period. With the increasing competition for Medical university admission many forward thinking students and parents realize that doing A/Level in school for 2 years does not guarantee admission to Medical Universities that they dream of. Instead A/Level programs and examinations have resulted in severe hardship and stress for students and parents, without any assurance of success. Students are compelled to attend extra classes and revision classes due to the competitive nature of the A/Level examination. IMC Pre-Medical programs provide a faster, more affordable alternative with better chances of medical university admission.

Save time and money with Pre-Medical Foundation Programs at IMC
There are many advantages of joining IMC Pre-Medical and foundation programs.
• Better preparation for the Medical degree programs (MBBS and MD programs) with variety of subjects related to medical sciences.
• Ability to start the pre-medical foundation program just after O/Levels.
• Ability to complete both pre-med foundation program and A/Levels within 1 year.
• Better direction to fulfill minimum A/level requirement stipulated by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) to enter the foreign medical schools.
• Eligible for large numbers of academic merit s cholarships and other awards from partner universities
Services provided by IMC
Application services, Application follow up, Hostel allocations, Visa assistance, Coordinating with airlines for ticket reservations for students and parents, accompanying the students to India for settlement services in destination countries, USMLE/ ERPM examination guidance for the students completing the MBBS program.
International Medical Campus (IMC) Foundation program Intake is now on. How to get a free appointment?
Call: + 94 77 30 888 40 / Visit: International Medical Campus (IMC). No.7, Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mawatha, Colombo 06. / Web:

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