Thursday, May 13, 2021
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CICRA Campus launches first ever Bachelor of Cyber Security degree



Six million cyber security job openings by 2019
In partnership with Australia’s top ranked Deakin University, CICRA Campus – pioneering Cyber Security Training provider– is introducing the first ever Bachelor of Cyber Security degree for Sri Lanka.
“Parents should consider a cyber security degree for their ambitious child as an alternative to simply following a general IT degree. Cyber security profession is growing rapidly Sri Lanka and globally,” says Boshan Dayaratne, Group Director/CEO, CICRA Holdings.
“A Cisco report says there are one million cyber security job openings at present. Forbes magazine says this number will climb to six million by 2019. Why waste time trying to be one among thousands of IT graduates when you can obtain technical skills in a niche area highly accepted worldwide,” Mr. Dayaratne said.
“As Sri Lanka’s number 1 destination for cyber security education, CICRA Campus helps its students academically and professionally to make them fully-fledged cyber security specialists at the end of the degree,” he said.
“Whether you are a school leaver looking to pursue an IT degree or an IT professional breaking into Cyber Security, this is the best route to acquire the top, in-demand skills of today.”
“Unlike other IT degrees that touch upon a few aspects of Cyber Security merely to add the phrase to the degree title, Deakin’s Bachelor of Cyber Security is formulated to develop skills that will help you stand out in the job market. It provides a solid foundation of the cyber security literacy and technical skills required by industry for a Cyber Security professional including those allowing you to be able to investigate and combat cyber-crime and cyber terrorism,”he said.
“A minimum 100 hours of internship is required to complete the program, allowing you to claim your rights professionally at an early stage. CICRA Campus aims to support all students to connect with the industry and find internships as well as job prospects so they no longer have to join companies that undervalue their skills.”
“Under a licensing agreement, Deakin University has granted CICRA Campus permission to teach Deakin’s curriculum in Colombo. This dramatically reduces student cost of college and gives much flexibility,” he said.

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