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Amazing 50% scholarships for IT programs from LNBTI

Offering a staggering 50% scholarship on Information Technology and Software Engineering programs, the Lanka Nippon BizTech Institute (LNBTI) is leading the way in making higher education accessible for all. If you are a bright student interested in learning from the best and working at the best companies, you can avail yourself of this wonderful offer.
The LNBTI is done by hSenid in collaboration with Metatechno Japan, and is focused on increasing the number of highly qualified IT professionals hoping to work in Japan, in keeping with the vision of the government of Japan. The Japanese government appreciates the value that such professionals bring to their country, and it welcomes professionals with skills and learning.
With job placements in Japan upon completion of the program, internships and placements at the best companies in Sri Lanka in the 3rd year, excellent lecture panels consisting of the best lecturers from local government universities, Japanese language classes offered by native Japanese lecturers, state-of-the-art facilities including high quality audio and video facilities, lecture rooms and lab rooms designed by Japanese experts and an extensively stocked library covering every imaginable aspect of the subject matter, LNBTI is your best option for a bright future.
Our classes also cover how businesses work in Japan, and our course will help you become industry-ready and employable with relevant skills. Development of personality is also focused on in our programs, with sections dedicated to developingyour ability to be logical thinkers, improving your time management, encouraging team play, and enhancing leadership qualities and communication skills.
Come to LNBTI on 28th January for our Open Day and find out what LNBTI has on offer for your future.
Application forms can be downloaded from the LNBTI website or our Facebook page. For more information, please call 0773360000 or email [email protected]

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