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IIT offers unique scholarships for talented students…: ‘Learn While You Work’

Since its inception in 1990, the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) has been playing a pivotal role in grooming Sri Lankan students to become innovators, entrepreneurs and corporate leaders. Many IIT graduates who have reached the apex of Sri Lanka’s corporate and IT sectors are making the invaluable contribution of empowering their respective organizations and industries.
With the view of providing opportunities to talented students who are unable to afford a globally renowned British degree, IIT has introduced the InfoSchol scholarship programme. This unique scholarship programme has been offered to over 600 students since its inception in 1998.
The InfoSchol scheme is offered to students who have obtained Advanced Level results with a good standing but who unfortunately have not been able to enter the state universities due to its entry criteria and selection process together with the limitations of numbers and for those who are unable to afford a British Higher Education. An opportunity to follow a degree in either Software Engineering, Business Information Systems or Computer Science with specialization pathways either in Mobile and Web Computing, Games and Computer Graphics Development or Multimedia Computing disciplines from University of Westminster, UK is possible with this scholarship scheme. The opportunity to follow a Business Management degree from Canterbury Christ Church University, UK is also available under the InfoSchol scheme. This is also a cost effective alternative when compared to studying in the United Kingdom to obtain a recognized British degree.
The selected students for the scholarship scheme will be following their degree part-time while being sponsored and employed by selected leading multinational and local blue-chip organizations in Sri Lanka. On successful completion of this programme, the InfoScholgraduate will possess 4 years of work experience from a renowned organization and a globally recognized British degree, thus making the IIT InfoSchol graduate to be much sought after in the competitive corporate world we live in today.
Some of the other main benefits of being part an InfoSchol student is that they will be entitled to ; increased employment outcomes, increased graduate salaries, opportunities to test industry/company/career choice/professional identity, increased ability to gain income while enhancing careers through increased work experiences in areas that complement student study areas, greater understanding of the applicability of theoretical knowledge to ‘real corporate environment’, greater learning of complementary workplace skills not easily accessible through undergraduate university degrees andthe development of confidence and interpersonal skills.
This programme will impart skills and knowledge required to be effective employees in the industry. As an intern employed in these leading organization, the InfoSchol students will grow into professional individuals with a well-rounded training, who will also be gainfully employable by the industry.
The InfoScholprogramme is a scholarship programme that is offered by IIT to students who meet to certain criteria. Students applying for this particular scholarship programme must be successful in the several qualification tests that are designed for testing IQ, analytical and mathematical skills and competencies in vocational and written skills. Students will be short listed once they have applied for the programme within a span of 4 months. Once the candidates have been selected for the programme, each of these students will be able to accept employment in well-reputed companies that are based locally and internationally on a full-time employment basis. This aspect of the scholarship programme will allow students to gather experience in both practical and theoretical fields. They will be giving the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real world problems within their respective industry.
IIT is an award-winning campus which has won many accolades both at the local and International competitions. To name a few such as Microsoft Imagine Cup, National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA), Google Summer of Code, APICTA and e-Swabhimani. IIT has earned a reputation of producing employable and marketable youth together with a strong Alumni who have made a mark in the Corporate sector, graduates who are confidence and industry ready
For more information on InfoSchol, write to [email protected] or call VajiraKarunaratne – Project Manager InfoSchol on 0768209733. You are welcome to visit IIT Main Campus at No.57, Ramakrishna Road, Colombo 06.

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