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High-flying HRM Personality to join IIHE’s MBA of Wales program

Many companies today are constantly seeking skilled additions to their HR team who will link HR with strategic goals and objectives to improve business performance and develop organizational cultures that foster innovation ..
One such personality who has made important contributions to each of the organizations that she has worked for in the fields of apparel manufacturing , mobile telecommunication and freight forwarding ,by delivering and executing effective HR strategies that has leveraged the organization’s human capital to address and achieve their business objectives, is Dinuka Nishamani Rupasiri .
Dinukaa lso has a BSc. in Business Management with Specialization in HR & Marketing and completed her Dissertation on “A Comparative Study to Assess the Existence of a Learning Culture among the Frontline Staff in Improving Customer Service Levels in the Private Sector Banks in Sri Lanka” and was awarded a Grade: A for her efforts.
Playing apivotal role in the HR Field: Having held managerial positions in Expo lanka International (Pvt) Limited, Dialog Axiata Ltd and Brandix Essentials Ltd, Dinuka has been instrumental in handling the drafting of company policies & processes, designing performance management systems and implementing it to the entire organization , handling Corporate Communications of the organizations, Training & Development , Preparing HR Budgets and being responsible for all HR Administration activities , handling the entire Talent Acquisition (Recruitment & Selection) from sourcing of CVs of candidates to company induction for new recruits and the entire Employee Occupational Health & Safety and wellbeing functions of the company , organizing company events as per the annual event calendar of the company and the .implementation of Reward and Recognition Schemes. She has also handledHR functions for the overseas operation of some of these companies as in the case of Expo lanka International (Pvt) Limited, where she overlooked the HR operations for Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines & USA.
Charting her career path and progression: With an ambition to becoming a specialist in her field,. Dinuka stated that she had chosen a career in HR because she was interested to be in a position to have the opportunity to influence and assist an organization in the development of its employees.“. I believe that one of the key success factors of high performing organizations is putting their people first and by developing efficient and effective, simple yet powerful solutions to the people side of business. Therefore a business is only as good as its employees, and an organization’s employees are only as good as their HR team”
Having achieved a successful career up to date, Dinuka felt that the next step in furthering her career was to add the right MBA to her already impressive portfolio . “I needed an MBA that will give me the knowledge and insight to gain a more in depth .perspective. into my field of work and help me to enter into the upper-level management roles in HR and to assist organizations to strengthen its strategic role and contribution of the HR function in the execution of their business strategies.”
Establishing the right HR capabilities :” The MBA I was looking for had to have some key components that would cover in depth the various techniques for talent recruitment, organizational behavior , methodologies in strategically supporting management to develop, engage and retain talent and obtain an in depth understanding of the big picture of the HR contributions to a business The MBA from the University of Wales aptly covered all these aspects hence my decision to choose it as my MBA of choice “ affirmed Dinuka.
With the vision of helping organizations reshape their human resource functions, Dinuka looks forward to utilizing her MBA to gain further abilities to translate her repertoire of learning into meaningful action and thereby make a positive and lasting impact as an HR practitioner in the business environment.

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