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EDEX Main Expo 2017 as Gold Sponsor : KAATSU International to create new alliance

KAATSU International (KIU) will be sponsoring EDEX at the forthcoming EDEX Main Expo 2017 as Gold Sponsor, for the first time. This sponsorship signifies the commitment KIU has to establish a professional platform to disseminate information to discerning students, who seek the best opportunities in Medical Science, and emerging degree programmes.
The focus is to create a professional institute that is focused, and committed to delivering the best education in the market for students seeking medicine as a desired profession. The impact this focus has on students is life-changing and conducive to gaining qualifications that empower students to keep abreast with global expectations.
The KIU is fully committed to provide local and international students with the highest quality education, with an interesting portfolio of degrees that lead to gainful careers. The brand new facility located in a suburb in close proximity to Colombo, offers state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate the aspirations of Sri Lankan students. The pleasant lecture rooms and beautiful flora create an environment that is conducive to derive maximum learning pleasure.
With aprogressive vision to beSri Lanka’s 1st ranked private sector education institute, and the preferred choice for the students, as well as academics, where values are cherished and the student experience is highly valued, KIU plans to attract interested students to its portfolio at the forthcoming EDEX Main Expo Platform.
Offering an array of Health Science Degrees to students seeking qualifications in the Medical Industry, KIU hopes to encompass Law, Management, Engineering and Medicine faculties as well. With an impetus from the BOI also on the cards, KIU plans to expand for the benefit of youth progress and prosperity in the realm of education.
KIU is proud to offer ground breaking medical sciences such as KAATSU & Acupuncture and Sports Science such as Kyokushin Karate.
KIU is planning to offerhigher degrees in the caliber of PhD’s and MSc’s for senior students and professionals with academic ambition. Quality delivery, and practical application will combine to create the right acumen for students seeking higher qualifications to compete on a global platform.
Thus at KIU, we plan to broaden your horizons and sharpen the skills of youth in order for them to compete more fiercely and efficiently in a global context. Extra-curricular activities inclusive of sports, community volunteering, environmental projects and community services; will enhance character building and team building.
EDEX Expo Sri Lanka’s largest higher education and careers exhibition organised by the Royal College Union will be held on January 20th to 22nd 2017 at the BMICH, Colombo and on January 27th and 28th2017 at the Kandy City Centre, Kandy. For further details please contact the EDEX Secretariat. Tel:011 3091086 /011 5521497. E-mail [email protected] site www.edex.lk

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