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Bigger Dreams for the Future : ANC Freshers’ Day concludes with the Sun and the Sea

ANC Education held its Freshers’ Day on the 05th of this month at Goldi Sands Hotel in Negambo,warmly welcoming all students newly enrolled for Fall 2016 who excitedly looked forward to start their degree programs leading to a plethora of top education destinations in the world.
Inaugurating Freshers’ Day, the ANC faculty, staff and senior students greeted the freshers, opening the platform for students to bond. The day unfolded with many activities, bringing together students and helping them buildnew connections, as they were getting ready to take the first step into college life. During the day, students engaged in playing Beach Volley Ball, Cricket, Tap Rugby, Pool and numerous other watersports and fun activities, displaying their energy and enthusiasm, keen to spending more time with their peers. Students were also equally at ease on stage with singing and dancing, showcasing new talents while challenging each other in a friendly competition with laughter filled hearts.
At the event, newbies were leisurely introduced to numerous clubs and societies and various extracurricular activities that they would be able to get involved at ANC to build their résuméwhile continuing with their academic studies. New students also got an introduction to faculty members and staff who extended their support,promising to make their transition smooth.
Participating in the event, Abhishek from British School who joined ANC this Fall thanked ANC for organizing the Fresher’s Day with fun filed activities to help students get to know one another. Abishek is enrolled in the ANC US University Transfer Program and currently majoring in computer engineering, hoping to complete two years of his degree at ANC and transfer to Colorado State university in the USA. “It is an amazing day out. I happily look forward to many more activities of this nature and make the most of my time at ANC,” he said.
During the event, another fresher, Maneesh Uduwana from Ananda College who joined ANC recently, sincerely shared his excitement and expressed how happy he was to be part of the ANC student fraternity. Manusha is also a transfer student enrolled in the mechanical engineering degree program, hoping to transfer to a top education destination in America. “Now I know, I made the best higher education choice by selecting ANC amongst various other institutions. It is a reliable education partner with a fantastic lecture panel, especially in the transfer program to the USA and Canada. I highly enjoy thisfreshers’ day out and the credit goes to ANC for being thoughtful to organize such an outing so that the freshers could get to know each other as well as the staff,” he added amidst all the clatter and chatter.
All the new students considered this event as a wonderful opportunity to socialize with their peers and connect with the faculty members in a more relaxing atmosphere out of Colombo. They enjoyed the sun and the sea – getting ready to start afresh their higher education journey with bigger dreams and much hope for the future. At the end of the event, all the students expressed their gratitude to ANC for organizing this event to make them already feel part of the ANC family. It was heartbreaking to see students reluctant to head back to Colombo to end the day of fun – yet with lighter hearts and open minds, all set for a fresh start.

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