Sunday, September 27, 2020
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Medical Education Overseas ;Join the Only Pre-Medical Program in Sri Lanka

Overseas Medical Education is available for students who completes “A-Levels in Local (CCS or above) London (CCD or above)”. What about students who have aspiring dreams of becoming a doctor right after O-Levels or talented students who are disheartened with their AL results? Is there a second chance of

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Study Hospitality, Leisure Management at a World-Ranked University

The Management & Science University (MSU), one of Malaysia’s top universities complements the needs of highly skilled and expert human capital by offering both Bachelor’s degree and diploma in the hospitality and tourism specialisation. As one of Malaysia’s top universities, MSU has received much recognition from the Malaysian and international

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Mercmarine Training, a Pathway to World-Class Marine Education

Mercmarine Training, the maritime training institute of the Mercmarine Group, will welcome its latest batches of students who are looking to pursue world-class marine education here in Sri Lanka. Interested students can submit their applications now for a wide range of courses. The courses at Mercmarine Training include

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