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SLTC Business School launches ‘Meet the practitioner’

Sri Lanka’s premier researched based and solution oriented Business School, SLTC business School recently launched its monthly ‘Meet the practitioner’ event successfully with Dhammika Samarawickrama, Chairman of Micro Electricals at SLTC City Campus, Trace City, Maradana.
Dr. Hashan Haputhanthri, veteran marketing, branding, sales and corporate strategist with over three decades of Industry experience, lecturer at SLTC Business School and the brain child of the series indicated that, SLTC City campus is the hub for SLTC Research University where Business School is concerned. Many professionals are in the vicinity and students are seriously benefited and also most of the Professionals Trace City has become a meeting place. Bringing Professionals to meet the students and share their wide experience in the City Campus is an absolutely a very unique feature of Business School. I am so privileged to be with SLTC Business school which is Sri Lanka’s only researched based, innovation centered, practically driven and knowledge production entity where we are allowed to embark on many subjected related research and activities.
DhamikkaSamarawickrama indicated that he is so proud to see vastly knowledgeable students to converse with and share his journey. Dhamikka also thanked SLTC Business School of inviting him for an event like this to be a speaker and to share many deeper and finer strategies of his entrepreneurial venture of making Divolka and Micro GLOCAL.
SLTC Research University’s City Campus where the Business School is located has now become an iconic school that is at the center of the Economic Hub of Sri Lanka.

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