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Sri Lanka Airport & Aviation Academy, Globally Connected…

The Sri Lanka Airport & Aviation Academy is now a gateway to earn an internationally recognised Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management. The prestigious Massey University of New Zealand now offers transfer credits to holders of the Diploma in Aviation Management program offered by the Academy to join the 2nd year of their degree program at a discounted fee.
In 2011, the SLAAA commenced the first ever Diploma program in Aviation Studies to be conducted in Sri Lanka by a State Institution. This program was aimed at providing trained and qualified personnel for the junior and middle level managerial positions in the aviation industry and its allied industries. It targeted the large population of ‘A’ level qualified youngsters who are aspiring for avenues of tertiary education.
The recognition of this diploma program for credit transfer by Massey University has given a new dimension to the program. Since there are no degree programs dedicated to aviation offered by the State Universities at present, this program provides a unique, viable and convenient avenue for A/L qualified Sri Lankans to earn a degree in aviation carrying worldwide recognition. In addition to the benefit of the discounted fee from Massey, the diploma being followed in Sri Lanka provides the student substantial saving in terms of tuition fees and overseas living expenses.
Significant savings result in foreign exchange for the country as well.
SLAAA is the Training Institution operated by Airport & Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (Pvt) Ltd.
It has been functional for 37 years and during this time, has made a tremendous saving in human resources development costs to the country by providing specialised training locally to personnel who man the airport operations and air navigational services. At present the SLAAA conducts training in Air Traffic Control, Aeronautical Communications, Air Traffic Safety Electronics Engineering, Aeronautical
Information Services, Airport Security, Airport Fire Services and Airport Management all of which belong to the forte of Airport & Aviation Services.
Having internationally qualified trainers blended with vast industrial experience, a world class Course Development Unit and state-of-the-art training equipment helps SLAAA with acquiring and maintaining both local and international recognition. SLAAA is registered as a vocational training
provider with the Tertiary and Vocational Education commission of Sri Lanka. It is also the only Approved Training Organisation (ATO) by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka (CAASL) for conducting training for the grant of Air Traffic Controller Licence with the requisite ATC ratings issued by the Director General of Civil Aviation, Sri Lanka. Holding the membership of the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s TRAINAIR PLUS program since 2014, puts the SLAAA in the world map.
“We plan to provide training in trades connected with airport operations to Sri Lankans so that they can take up employment overseas” said Eng. Athula Seneviratne, the Head of the Academy, explaining its institutional and national role. “Our collaboration with Massey University would be a symbol of the highest standards in education that both Institutions strive to maintain at all times. We are happy to become this gateway that would benefit many Sri Lankan students who aspire for a degree in Aviation”.
From Massey University Massey University’s School of Aviation is delighted to have signed an articulation agreement with SLAAA whereby graduates of their Diploma in Aviation Management program are facilitated to staircase directly in to the second year of the Massey Bachelor of Aviation Management.
CEO of the School of Aviation, Ashok Poduval, says that “The Bachelor of Aviation Management degree is one of the earliest academic qualifications to be established independently of traditional degrees in Science, Engineering, Management or the Arts. It is designed to provide suitable Academic qualifications for students seeking to build careers as air transport pilots, air traffic controllers, maintenance engineers, aviation professionals and military aviation personnel. The degree is also for technically qualified people in the aviation industry to upgrade their competencies and skills through a relevant Academic Qualification”.
The Sri Lankan students enrolled in this Massey program study offshore by distance learning via the Massey University long- established Moodle -based platform ‘STREAM’.
Sri Lankan students can be assured that Massey University has a long tradition in providing high quality distance learning through an online learning management system that provides effective online teaching to students. This is supported by well qualified, highly motivated, and responsive lecturers and administrative staff who are always willing to ‘go the extra mile’ for dedicated students.
It is important to note that offshore students enrolled in Massey aviation courses will receive the exact same content and face the same assessment criteria and deadlines as their NZ -based counterpart, ultimately graduating with the same qualification.
In addition, Sri Lankan students will have the option of commencing their study in the Bachelor of Aviation Management by distance learning in Sri Lanka and then – if so wished- relocating to complete their studies on- campus at the School of Aviation at Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ.
In recognition of the fact that their SLAAA Diploma language of instruction was English, SLAAA graduates enrolled in this program will not be required to submit further evidence of competency in English (such as IELTS, TOEFLand so on) Finally, they will be levied a discounted tuition fee rate per course.
Massey University’s School of Aviation looks forward to welcoming Sri Lankan students to its programs in 2022 and beyond.

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