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Free quality educational opportunities by elearning.Lk

With the current socio-economic crisis situations in Sri Lanka soon after the Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with the transport issues, constant power interruptions, school-children as well as students in every level have been facing the challenge of receiving proper education since year 2020. It should be noted that as a society, we are wasting the precious time of our future generations to take the country forward. While this time can never be taken back, it is no secret that these negative effects have already led to rising stressed levels among children as well as parents while also putting Sri Lanka at risk of a growing uneducated society struggling with poverty.
On the other hand, with parents battling these days to provide the basic means for their families in this hyper-inflationary era, also waiting in queues after tiring working days, they are no longer in a position to help their children with education, mentally as well as physically. This is where team e-learning.lk is geared up to bring a solution for the burning issues pertaining to Sri Lankan education. “Although education is not part of essential services, nevertheless we should not forget that this is a basic human right. We can do so much at no cost with the power of information and communication technologies. This is exactly what we are doing at elearning.lk nothing but working towards our basic right for quality education”, states CEO of elearning.lk, Sanjaya Elvitigala.
elearning.lk Social Responsibility
As a pioneer in online education, team elearning.lk have released a number of courses free of charge working closely with many talented teachers who have come forward to make this combined effort a reality. The free courses cover all the subjects pertaining from Grade 1- 13, academic skills development as well as courses relevant for career improvements and technical knowledge. Students can access thesecourses through www.elearning.lk after a simple two step registration.
Addressing The Quality Concerns During Course Design
Each course has been carefully designed with the target viewers in mind. We all know that keeping our little children in one place for a few hours during online teaching is an extremely hard task, especially with children from Grade 1 – 5. No matter who teaches, children love to learn as long as it is not boring. That’s why team elearning.lk has ensured to present lesson series of teachers who teach according to the syllabus in a way that makes children interested with a special focus on the teacher’s skills. When it comes to Grade 6 onwards, the most important factor is to teach clearly with the teacher’s wealth of talents while delivering the content online.
The free courses have been sourced from several public sources and are heavily curated, where the teachers will benefit from the additional viewership, they get through elearning.lk.
Advantages Of These Courses For Students And Parents
Apart of the quality assurance in terms of delivery of the course contents, in the times of data signal issues, interrupted power supplies in the country, every course lesson can be accessed at any time anywhere convenient to the viewers. Students no longer require traveling for classes and can receive the same education at the convenience of their home with or without parental supervision. The only aim of team elearning.lk is to provide the students as well as parents struggling under the poverty line with some relief being able to access quality education with no hassle, irrespective of time and place of study. What’s more, the teachers contributing towards this great cause will also have the benefit through increased online viewership which will provide them with many other advantages.
Open Invitation for Teachers/Coachers/Trainers
elearning.lk openly invites talented teachers of every subject stream in any language to join hands to help over-come the current educational issues students are facing in Sri Lanka. Should they wish, teachers can release their lessons free of charge through elearning.lk platform which already has over 50,000 students while also getting free advertising courtesy of elearning.lk
IELTS Success Challenge at elearning.lk
The indisputable online learning platform which started its journey with the goal of making global education accessible to anyone with a tip of a button, while also helping educators to get closer to students, has come up with another yet most sought-after course which has gained much popularity by those who are seeking to migrate for study/work/PR purposes, none other than IELTS which is a pre-requisite for migration.
As part of the movement to help improve theEnglish language skills required to face this competitive international examination, with a record of 100% pass rate so far by the students of the past 3 batches, team elearning.lk together with their IELTS coach Rasangi De Silva is ready to launch their next batch of classes covering listening, reading, writing and speaking components from July 30, 2022 targeting those who are planning to migrate by January 2023. The introductory seminar will take place online on July 23, 2022 from 8:30pm – 10.30pm. Participants can register for this Free online seminar via www.elearning.lk.

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