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More Graduates to be absorbed to Education field

 The Minister of Education Dinesh Gunawardena stated that the majority of the 52,000 graduates who are confirmed in the public service, about 24,000 are affiliated to the field of education.  He said that by providing training, they can serve as mentors to the children of the country.
Minister, who is also the Chairman of the Maharagama Development Committee, expressed these views while participating in the handing over of appointment letters to the graduates of the Maharagama Divisional Secretariat Division on January 12, under the Government program to make the graduates permanent.
The Minister also said “As the Chairman of the Cabinet Subcommittee on the Confirmation of I declare that the Subcommittee has recommended that first the 52,000 Graduates, be confirmed and secondly attach them to the required fields according to the degree acquired and to their will.  The President also encouraged all to work online when Covid-19 had to expand and had to lock down the country. As we are a non-oil producing country, reducing the number of unnecessary trips and working online will increase productivity.  Money goes out of the country every time fuel is consumed”.
The Minister of Finance has informed all relevant sectors that public service projects should be concluded on time.  Therefore, new entrants to the public service should keep this in mind.  The biggest issue in the history, is the teacher-principal salary issue, which was solved by our government allocating a large sum of money.  They will receive their new salary from this January”, said the Minister.
Meanwhile, trainee graduates from Colombo North and Colombo Central were also given permanent appointments as Development Officers on January 12, under the patronage of the Chairman of the Colombo Development Committee, MP Yadamini Gunawardena.  He was speaking at a function held at the Divisional Secretariat, Dam Street, Colombo she said “It is necessary to manage the economy according to the current situation in the country,  because this is a time of challenges.  We are moving at this time with great challenges not only in terms of health but also in terms of the economy.  Billions have now passed and trillions are reached in payments for public service salaries and pensions.  That is Rs. 1,500 billion or one and a half trillion has been allocated annually.  So how much revenue do we have in the public sector?  1,000 billion.  Or 1 trillion.  We have to pay 1,500 billion.  The income is only 1,000.  Most of the recurring expenses are salaries.  Therefore, those who join the public service should work harder for the country”.

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