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We will prepare the Course so that every Undergraduate may learn information technology

Minister of Education, Dinesh Gunawardena said Course Syllabus will be prepared so that every student entering the University will be able to learn information technology. He also said that this would be extended to schools as anticipated by everyone.
Leader of the House and Education Minister Dinesh Gunawardena mentioned that while participating in the ceremony marking the commencement of construction of the Technology Faculty building at the Malabe Rahula Boys School on January 05, 2022.
Minister said that the Ministry of Education has started many special programs under the guidance of the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa for designing an education system so as to win the future. As a first step towards that under the development program of Technological Education the Ministry of Education has laid the foundation stone for the three storey Faculty of Technology Building of Rahula Boys College in Malabe. For the construction of this building Rupees Fifty Three million (Rs. 53 Million) has been allocated and for the equipment Rupees Thirty Five million (Rs. 35 Million) has been allocated. Minister of Industries Wimal Weerawansa, parliamentarian Major Pradeep Undugoda, parliamentarian Jagath Kumar, Government Officials, Principal of the school and students graced this occasion.
Speaking further, Minister of Education Dinesh Gunawardena said, Commencement of this work opens the corridor for a new field in the education system even at a large cost. We were able to walk through challenges to a gradual development. As the member of parliament of this area Minister Wimal Weerawansa has given unstinted support and strength as the Chairman of the Development Committee and today this school has become a centre of education for the development of knowledge to more than three thousand students. By today, not only this school even the Malabe Balika Vidyalaya has been transformed into a hub for knowledge. The development that started with the city of Colombo has travelled even through the Kaduwela area during the last three or four decades.
Technology is a very special subject. Industrial development of a country is based on the Industries. Iron ores in the earth in our country helped to march towards steel industry step by step with the assistance of the Soviet Russia. As per the Cabinet Paper submitted by our Minister Weerawansa the iron ores are available in our land in various places. If our Steel Corporation had worked together with our Universities with a plan there would not have been a need to import high cost steel into this country for our projects. As we failed to develop this properly, we have marched backward. I emphasise that the countries that are based on steel industry have won the Industrial Revolution. Today, the Technological Revolution has taken the lead. Malabe Vidyalaya being included in the plan of taking this technological revolution into the school system is a great victory.
All the fields where we could contribute for opening the technological doors to our children are in included in the plans of the Ministry of Education. Especially the children who follow information technology can gain great knowledge that cannot be got inside a classroom with the opening of digitalisation. It will be possible to transform the victories attained through the provision of technological knowledge to the new generation into development and progress of the country. King Mayadunna and King Rajasinghe won the wars against the Portuguese using the weapons made through local technology in our country which was not second to any other weapons in the world. Damestus Sword is considered as a sword of high quality in the world. But the swords used by our war heroes were not send to the Damestus Sword according to the history books. When we hear the story of the Balangoda Man has used transforming cyclones into wind power.
Under the vision for prosperity, the development programs of the President the challenges in transforming the solar power, wind power and air for the use of human beings should be won. By winning these challenges children of our country can contribute for their future and for the future of the nation and create many new job opportunities in the field of technology. This facility, the school has got today with a big investment is a great opportunity for the children of this school to further their knowledge in technology just as in the fields of Science, Mathematics and Engineering.
Whether the students who enter the Universities follow Information Technology or not, courses and syllabuses in the Universities will be designed, making all undergraduates travel through Information Technology to get the technical knowledge. By this any student passing out from Universities in any subject field will be coming out with the proficiency in Information Technology. We all agree that this should get expanded to the schools as well. Cabinet approval has been sought for the playground and sports equipment requested by this school and I hope these children will be able to enjoy those facilities in the near future.

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