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SLITHM Steps Forward Islandwide Through Pastry and Bakery


The Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM) is the only Government approved premier Institute in Sri Lanka, which was established by the Government in 1964 to train young men and women in the complex field of Hospitality and Travel Industry, and is managed by The Ministry of Tourism. In order to facilitate students island-wide, provincial Colleges have been set up in Kandy, Kurunegala, Anuradhapura,Koggala, Bandarawela, Pallekele and Ratnapura.
Following the ever expanding tourism sector in the country with developments in the travel and hospitality industry, the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management provides a sound professional training to cater for the fast developing needs of the local and international hotel and Tourism Industries with the best trained and most highly motivated management professionals. Over the years SLITHM has fine-tuned its programs to meet the specific needs of Sri Lanka’s and Asia’s changing industry wide market needs and new schemes of training are introduced frequently with opportunities to specialise in industry specific areas. The scheme allows students to be more flexible in the choice of training and provides multiple entries. It also recognises prior learning, which benefits those who have gained hands on experience in the industry and who wish to acquire further knowledge through a sound professional qualification.
“Learning at SLITHM leads the way to the highest job profile with the speed and efficiency in the shortest possible time. Basic qualification, right attitude and the smile will lead you to your goals of achievement. You could become an overall personality with the positive attitude, exposure to vivid cultures and with the proper dining etiquettes learned by the versatile panel of lecturers at SLITHM.
Through this skilled career path the students can move on even from the 8th grade to degree level without the Advanced Level qualification”, said Kanishka Jayathunga, Deputy Director General of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM) to Sunday Observer- ANCL at the descriptive introduction on the new Pastry and Bakery Course.
Lecturer in Charge – (Pastry & Bakery) Pinidiya and Cluster Head – (Cookery) Nishantha Kulathunga offered valid information under several headings of the oncoming Pastry and Bakery Program for the students who wish to enroll.
Certificate Level Pastry and Bakery Program will be implemented this year. As for the first time we are going to start this course in the provincial level in order to uplift the social standard of the rural children. Our effort is to promote the Pastry and Bakery Program especially in rural areas. When compared to other Institutions, one could gain much benefits and special advantages by doing the Certificate Level Pastry and Bakery program. This program consists of five months duration. This newly designed Certificate Level Course is started only in Colombo for affordable concessional rate. The students will have long term survival with international reliability with the unique course content and the immense practical experience of the subject.
Course Content
The Course Content is scattered under several areas. 
= Sri Lankan Pastry Theory (Pastry and Bakery) – with the Sri Lankan Traditionalism 
= Food Costing 
= Occupational Health and Safety
= Service Quality 
= French Culinary Operation 
= Business Communication
= Food Nutrition
= Hygiene
= Personal and Professional Development
The Job Opportunities which lead to the future
As SLITHM is a Government Institute we offer the certificate with government recognition. Selecting the courses of SLITHM, especially Pastry and Bakery, paves the way to obtain foreign employment.

= Work for different Star Class
= The space and determination to start up own business 
= Job opportunities in Franchise Business 
= Restaurant and Catering
= Local Job Opportunities 
= Self Employment
and so on

As our content is based onto hold all the responsibilities smartly our objective is to see higher level chefs in five star hotels with the knowledge of French and English. We have got the Craft Level and Certificate Level as at present. Moreover, the Diploma Level of Pastry and Bakery Course are also being proposed to start up by 2023 as per the Management decision.
Overall benefits
= Unique Learning Content
= Village child can reach his dream to become an entrepreneur
= Course is obtained with an affordable nominal cost.
= More weight on long term survival in the industry.
= International Reliability
= Socialisation and exposure for village personnel

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