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KIU Reaches Another Milestone Celebrates Seven Years of Academic Excellence

KIU, a leading non-state degree awarding Higher Educational Institute in Sri Lanka reached an imperative milestone in its unparalleled Academic journey, celebrating the completion of 7 years of Academic excellence after obtaining the degree awarding status. Setting its initial step in 2009 KIU commenced it’s Academic journey with an objective of disseminating knowledge through expanding Higher Education opportunities in Sri Lanka and thus reached 2015, marking it as a vital juncture of its journey, obtaining the degree awarding status. With the strength and recognition gained through the accreditation granted by the Ministry of Higher Education, KIU has established its Academic platform introducing three-degree programs and consequently owing to the successful Academic performances it has widened its academic arena thus facilitating ten undergraduate degree programs and five post graduate degree programs. After embarking on a challenging, strenuous and an unwavering academic journey, today KIU stands as a front runner among the higher education institutes in Sri Lanka.
At present, this flourishing Academic sphere consists of the Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, Faculty of Education and Languages and Faculty of Graduate Studies and they are committed to confer Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree programs to harmonise with the requirements of the modern era and the emerging trends in the Professional and Corporate world.
Faculty of Nursing
To facilitate nursing professionals with a wider goal
On January 7, 2022, the Faculty of Nursing of KIU, celebrates its 7th anniversary parallel to the 7th anniversary of KIU. Being established in 2013, the Department of Nursing of KIU passed a milestone with the accreditation taken from the UGC in 2015, and the inauguration ceremony was held to enrol the first batch of students for the BScHonors in Nursing degree program.
With outstanding Academic and research achievements by the Academic members and the Students, the Faculty of Nursing has successfully established its reputation all over the island. Moreover, the Faculty of Nursing has initiated and completed numerous social service projects such as ‘Florence Nightingale 2017’ to upgrade nursing as a profession by improving the awareness in the society regarding the pioneer of nursing, Florence Nightingale and further workshops were organised to educate the Nursing Professionals and the public on diverse vital themes. In 2018, the International Nursing Research Symposium was held to strengthen the research culture in the faculty as well as in the nursing field.
Launching of the Master of Nursing Management, Master of Nursing Education, and Master of Science programs for the first time in Nursing in Sri Lanka can be upheld as a remarkable accomplishment of the faculty. The MPhil and Ph.D. programs are waiting to be launched with the accreditation of the Ministry of Health and recognition from the University Grants Commission.
Further, the Faculty of Nursing will continue to be the leader in Nursing Higher Education with the wider goal of grooming competent nursing professionals who will demonstrate a sense of commitment and responsiveness to meet the emerging necessities of the healthcare sector locally and globally.
Faculty of Health Sciences
To groom highly qualified professionals in the Health Sector
The Faculty of Health Sciences at KIU strives in becoming the leading centre of Academic Excellence and is committed to enhancing the knowledge and the skills of the graduates while encouraging personnel to indulge in a passion for life-long learning. The Faculty of Health Sciences offers undergraduate degree programs in the disciplines of Bio Medical Sciences, Psychology and Medical Science in Acupuncture.
Department of Biomedical Science
KIU was the pioneer in Sri Lanka to introduce the Biomedical Science degree program which was approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and the University Grants Commission (UGC) in 2016. This degree commenced with a minimal number of students at the beginning, at a time period when the local and international demand for the biomedical science field was enhancing day by day. Now there are about 900 students actively engaged in studies in the University and the 7th batch is the latest batch. It was a great achievement to be able to increase the total batch size up to 350 in such a short period.
KIU provides an ideal platform to study Biomedical Science for both local and international students. The Faculty of Health Sciences at KIU strives in becoming the leader of Academic Excellence and is committed to enhancing the knowledge and the skills of the graduates.
This Bachelor of Science Honours in Biomedical Science degree program includes modules in pre-medical science, molecular and genetic studies, pharmacology, microbiology, biochemistry and modules that are dedicated to laboratory managerial skills. And these subjects are included in a way to fulfil the modern necessities in the health sector.
With a highly qualified lecturer panel, KIU provides students with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities including a student lab complex which can accommodate 150 students, research laboratory, anatomy model unit and a molecular biology unit in assisting them to enhance their knowledge and practice.
During this remarkable journey, the Department of Biomedical Science has achieved exceptional achievements both in Academics and Research Projects. Ms. Hasangi Gamage (Batch 01), Ms. Praba Jalini (Batch 02) and Amila Achintha (DMLT- Batch 01) received gold medals for becoming batch top with their outstanding performance. Moreover, Ms. Prabha Jalini achieved a record of having a GPA of 4.0 with A+ for the whole fifteen modules in the curriculum. Further, KIU Biomedical Science graduates have achieved a lot of achievements in Research including publications, communication and awards.
KIU as a Higher Educational Institute not only focuses on Academics, it always offers students opportunities to brighten up their aesthetic, sports and social skills. We are proud to say as the Department of Biomedical Science, the students of the first batch and second batch initiated the Avurudu ceremony in KIU, Atraxia, Poson event and so on, as the initiators, the talented students of Biomedical Science Department have won many awards in Talentum 2020 proving that their capability of balancing their extracurricular activities along with their studies.
Department of Psychology
The Department of Psychology is committed in creating and sustaining conditions that will enable all our students to experience an unparalleled educational journey that is intellectually, socially and personally transformative. The department focuses on developing both the subject specific skills and the generic skills of the students and is dedicated in producing graduates who can cater to the requirements of the rapidly developing world. The ultimate goal of the department is to empower the students with the knowledge, attitudes and the skills so that the students can become the best in the fields they select one day.
Marking its appearance seven years ago in the Sri Lankan educational context, Department of Psychology has taken the lead in offering a curriculum which is locally developed and approved by the UGC while offering the highest number of elective modules in a psychology degree program in Sri Lanka and our program is the only bachelor’s degree Program with both the Independent Research Study and the placement. The program is delivered by a panel of PhD, MPhil and MSc qualified lecturers who hold the highest qualifications in the field of psychology.
Competition for many jobs has increased dramatically; thus, in order to compete in today’s market, an individual needs to consider tertiary education options that will open up career pathways, which are of high demand in the job market. Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology degree program offered by KIU is designed to provide students with a thorough knowledge on the basics of psychology as well as in intricate areas while providing training in a wide range of skills, which can be applied to many occupations and disciplines. The graduated students of KIU who are successfully employed and those who are completing their Post-graduate studies in foreign and local Universities while winning a number of Research Awards along the way have proven that the Bachelor of Science Honours in Psychology degree program offered by KIU has led to their achievements.
Department of Acupuncture
The Department of Acupuncture under the Faculty of Health Sciences was established at KIU in the year 2014 with the view of commencing a four-year bachelor of honours degree program in acupuncture along with diploma and certificate programs. This initiation was done with the increasing demand for alternative and complementary medicine systems worldwide. Thus, BSc (Hons) in Medical Science in Acupuncture, Diploma in Acupuncture and Certificate in Clinical Competency in Acupuncture programs were designed to provide high quality education for local students and international students to achieve the necessary credentials to enter the international job market.
With this background , KIU established the acupuncture clinic on the July14,f 2014. This was to offer acupuncture treatment to the general public free of charge and also to utilise this facility for the clinical training that is incorporated in the curriculum of the degree, diploma and certificate courses in acupuncture.
The first batch of fourteen students from Nigeria commenced their Certificate in Clinical Competency in Acupuncture on the August 1, 2014 and some of them have progressed to diplomas. There are several affiliated centres in India, Turkey, Nigeria and Malaysia that are running our diploma and certificate courses. The Diploma in Acupuncture is accredited by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka.
The approval for the degree program, BSc. (Hons) in Medical Science in Acupuncture was granted by the Extraordinary Gazette notification on January 7, 2015. The degree program, BSc. (Hons) in Acupuncture was recognised both by the Ministry of Higher Education and the University Grants Commission. This degree program, first of its kind in all of South Asia, commenced in March 2016, with an Indian student enrolling into the program. So far, seven batches of students including foreign students are following this degree program.
Department of Acupuncture of KIU has provided all the necessary facilities and learning resources, ensuring that the students have access to everything that they need to become successful in their work and study including e-learning facilities, comfortable and easily accommodable lecture halls, up to date laboratories and qualified, subject specialised Academic staff including lectures by visiting experts in the field of Acupuncture.
Being the pioneer in Academic Acupuncture Education, the Department of Acupuncture expects further to provide an inspiring learning experience for students and to endow potential Acupuncture Practitioners to the nation, thereby contributing towards the upliftment of the Health of the Society.
Faculty of Management
Standing ahead of traditional boundaries of Higher Education and reaching towards the globally recognised educational dimensions, KIU is looking forward to contribute towards another enlightened year in 2022 with the aim of strengthening the dynamic workforce in Sri Lanka.
From the immense role that KIU has been playing in the field of education to groom the sphere of Academic Excellence, the Faculty of Management at KIU is considered as one of the most forerunning faculties, that offers three different undergraduate degree programs in Accounting, Human Resources and Marketing with unique curricular.
Want to become a modern unique marketer…
The Corporate world is continuously evolving and the need for Marketing Professionals with extraordinary features has become crucial while the business world is demanding individuals who can take the leadership under dynamic and turbulent environmental conditions. Hence, in line with today’s driving factors in uplifting the success of the Corporate World, the KIU has initiated the expansion strategy in the development of the Department of Marketing in the Faculty of Management in forming future unique marketers to represent the dynamic workforce of Corporate Giants. Despite the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, as a non-state Higher Educational Institute, KIU has ensured that the department has performed admirably, playing a leadership position in marketing management education in Sri Lanka. With effect from year 2016, Bachelor of Management (Hons) in Marketing Management degree program has been offered by KIU with the aim of bridging the gap between the Universities and the Business World by providing an opportunity for the students who have passed the G.C.E Advanced Level, to uplift the students with marketing specialised degrees and by fulfilling the credit requirements of Sri Lanka Qualification Framework, whilst meeting requirements needed to proceed to post-graduate studies locally and internationally.
More than 124 students have already been registered for this degree program, which is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and is recognised by the University of Grants Commission. The Department is following student centric education under a well-qualified lecture panel with the aim of building and improving skilful individuals and graduates who are being recommended both locally and globally. Further, Research and Publication activities are being pursued, using expert knowledge from Academics in the field, in parallel to the degree program. Besides, every five years, the department revises and adapts the curriculum presented to students in order to improve the quality of their educational experience and KIU assures that the marketing degree program will be completed in four years, as evidenced by the fact that the first batch of students to be graduated from KIU in 2021 who started their degree in 2017.
Ladder up your career with HR Excellence…
In the modern world, a greater demand for multi-functional skills and professional qualifications in Human Resource is granting the upper hand in rapid progress in career while standing out from the competition. The necessity of contributing to the empowerment and enrichment of the country’s human resources has been recognised by KIU and the Department of Human Resources in the Faculty of Management can be considered as a primary contributor to the mission of KIU in creating an impact on the country’s human resources by developing highly trained HR experts in the field of Human Resource Management. In order to attain qualified professional requirements, the Human Resource Department at KIU offers a Bachelor of Human Resource Management degree with the goal of producing marketable HRM graduates with up-to-date knowledge, skills, attitudes and the best practices in the sector. The degree program is delivered in English medium and covers 120 credits of Academic training by facilitating a 500-hour internship that will provide you with important Industry and Research experience while preparing undergraduates to work in the field of HR as passionate professionals with the necessary skills, knowledge and attitude. To ensure the optimum outcome, the Department of Human Resource is revising and upgrading the curriculum by utilising the expert knowledge of Academics in the field of HR to come up with the latest HR developments such as Sustainable Human Resource Management, People Analytics, Employee Wellbeing, Managing Human Resource for Total Quality and Emotional Intelligence to provide updated and contemporary HR knowledge to undergraduates. The HR Undergraduates are especially encouraged to participate in Aesthetic activities, sports, debating competitions, student welcoming programs and other University-sponsored events, as the experience they gain from these activities will improve their knowledge, skills, attitudes and values, all of which are important in moulding them into the complete HR graduates that KIU hopes to produce. Moreover, HR Undergraduates are urged to participate actively in the career guidance programs offered by KIU’s career guidance unit while the Department of Human Resources, provides students with appropriate HR internship opportunities to help them drive their careers.
Be a qualified Professional Accountant with KIU…
With today’s intense competition, organisational survival and growth have become critical due to many forms of incompetence and issues arising in corporate bodies related to financial performance. To address this concern, the Department of Accountancy in the Faculty of Management has developed diverse sets of modules, under the degree program of Bachelor of Management Hons in Accounting that will cover all aspects of accounting and financial management, through combining the knowledge of financial world with current challenges. Since 2016, the department has educated a broad group of students from all over the country who got registered through the direct enrollment and the Government Interest-Free Loan Scheme while 534 students are enrolled in the degree program, under four batches. The department is highly capable in recognising and catering to the students’ knowledge gaps as most of the students who apply to the program come from both business and non-commerce backgrounds. This curriculum of this degree program is developed with a bridging module which enables non-commerce students to improve their basic management expertise before beginning the degree program. Most importantly, during the course of the studies, Accounting Undergraduates have the option to attend workshops, seminars and learn from Industry Experts which enable them to map with actual experience while continuous examinations and evaluations have been undertaken, along with a final examination to determine the level of performance. The excellence of the Department of Accountancy at KIU has been further proven by the fact that the first two batches of students were convocated with excellent grades in 2021.
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
To set the global standard of excellence in producing globally recognised IT Professionals
During this modern era as Computer Science has become the future of the world, KIU is geared to deliver skills and knowledge to go beyond the existing system for producing successful Graduates in Computer Science and Engineering fields while leading them to be the inventors and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
The Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering of KIU was established in 2015. The Department of Computer Science contributes to the academic programs of the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering by offering the degree programs of Bachelor of Science Hons in Software Engineering, Bachelor of Science Honours in Computer Networks and Cyber Security and Bachelor of Science Hons in Management Information Systems. Courses range from introductory level to advanced and high demanding course modules coupled with practical components covering all essential areas for an Undergraduate Computer Science degree.
The Software Engineering degree focuses on the software development life cycle but goes beyond programing to assess and meet customer needs and to design, implement and test software systems. KIU Undergraduates have the opportunity to take part in Industrial placements in leading companies which provide valuable Industry and Research experience.
This will ensure that KIU Software Engineering graduates will have the opportunity to be employed as Software Engineers, Applications Developers, Back End Engineers, Database Administrators, DevOps Engineers, Quality Assurance Engineers, Business Analysts, Mobile Developers and many more.
Computer Networks and Cyber Security degree provides skills of managing networks and maintaining its security. In addition to that, Computer Networks and Cyber Security involves operational procedures and technologies for designing, implementing, administrating, securing and troubleshooting corporate networks while applying cyber security principles operationally. Those Graduates will have the opportunity to be employed as Chief Information Security Officers, Forensic Computer Analysts, Information Security Analysts, Penetration Testers, Security Architects, System Administrators and so on.
Management Information Systems degree will enable the undergraduates to perform in the area as passionate professionals with the knowledge in Management Information Systems, improve business and to enhance the quality of life. KIU facilitates an Industrial placement in leading Companies which will expose the said students to valuable Industry and Research experience. This will ensure that the KIU graduates in the field of Management Information Systems are able to be employed as Database Administrators, Information Systems Manager, Computer User Support Specialist, Chief Information Officer, Business Analysts, Business Technologist, Information Systems, Business Consultant and many more.
These degree programs have been designed in accordance with the Sri Lankan and global University standards for producing successful graduates in Computer Science and Engineering fields thus leading them to be the inventors and entrepreneurs of tomorrow.
Department of English
To familiarise with the lingua franca
Learning English and maintaining the language proficiency require learners to be focused and consistent within the learning process. Students at KIU are always provided with an interactive platform and learning atmosphere which enable them to actively engage in improving their language skills. Moreover, diverse language programs such as the Advanced Certificate Course in English for Professionals, Advanced Certificate Course in English for Professional Communication, English Writing Corner- Certificate Course in English writing skills, Master Your English- Certificate Course in English speaking skills and workshops on IELTS, public speaking, creative writing and Academic writing have been designed with the objective of widening the teaching and learning space. Experiencing a highly dynamic innovative learning pattern with skills-based curriculum, the students at KIU are committed to gain the mastery over English language since it plays a vital role in ensuring their future employability.
KIU through developing a culture where ideas are brought into effect and dreams are transformed to reality, invests in the future of Sri Lanka thus introducing iconic educational programs and setting international standards in each programme. Moving beyond the conventional demarcations and addressing the emerging trends in the global context, KIU will leave its signature in the Sri Lankan educational sphere with a profound excellence.

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