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Ananda College Western Band win many awards

Ananda College Western Band consisting of personalities fed with classical and Western music was started in year 2014 by the Staff Member (Teacher) Major Nishantha Gunasekera.
This great band got strengthened day after day through the able guidance and dedication of this great teacher and by now three students have completed the ATCL degree and more than 40 students have successfully completed the London Exam in Music.
A Brass Band was started as a shoot of it in year 2020 and this added colour and pomp to the Western Band of the Ananda College.
The achievements of the Brass Band from year 2020 to date are listed below.
Achievements in the Asian Virtual Championship 2020 International Competition organised by the Asian Marching Band Confederation
Thihela Somasiri – Junior Division – French Horn – Bronze Level (11 years)
Senura Liyanagama – Junior Division – Trumpet – Bronze Level
Randil Dharmaratne – Senior Division – Clarinet – Silver Level
Bacoor International Music Competition (BIMC) Virtual 2021
Thihela Somasiri – Junior Division – Solo French Horn – Gold Medal
Randil Dharmaratne – – Senior Division – Solo Clarinet – Silver Medal
Asian Music Games 2021 International Competition
For the first time the Brass Band representing the Western Band of Anada College became the Bronze Medalist under the Ensemble Category
Further, in this competition Thihela Somasiri won the – Junior Division – Solo French Horn – Gold Medal
Likewise, the Western Band of Ananda College inclusive of the Brass Band that has adorned Mother Lanka with Gold will no wonder win many more Medals and Awards around the world with the blessings of the present Principal, Teachers in-Charge, Old Anandians and Parents.

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