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American Business Degree in Sri Lanka, Leading to MBA in the USA

We know what you want. You want to be successful. AUP is focused on success – Your Success! Not just in academic knowledge but also in the additional skills employers want. Like communication, creativity, interpersonal skills, leadership, and so on. And this will be done with an international perspective, so that you can achieve “Real Global Success!”
PGC is the right place where you can get hands on information and career guidance with guaranteed return of investment for your investment in educatiion. PGC ( is located in the education HUB of Colombo at, No.7 Rajaguru Sri Subuthi Mw , Colombo 6 .
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America remains the world’s No. 1 destination for international students and the world’s top economy. International students in the US have topped one MILLION in recent years, including more than 40,000 students from the UK, Australia, and Canada. Why? Because of the quality and pedagogical methods of American education. American education is career-oriented, interactive, and based on continual assessment, and not merely memorization and exams. With AUP this education is now available in Sri Lanka under the strict American supervision.
The American Economy leads the world, and this is due in no small part to American business practices and knowledge. As an AUP graduate, you also will be prepared to succeed locally and globally. Students complete studies in an area of business specialization and also will receive their American Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. The business specialization gives them an employment qualification in the field of business of their choice and the Management Degree prepares them for rapid promotion and career advancement.
AUP students enjoy great flexibility in their program. They can complete their entire program in Sri Lanka or they can transfer to the US at any point during their studies.
Enter through OLevel or ALevel and complete in 3 years.
AUP Graduates with a minimum of 2.5 CGPA are admitted to MBA at Cleary University U.S.A. with an English Proficiency test exempted. The MBA program includes PAID CAREER EXPERIENCE so students graduate and return home with Education and work experience, the combination sought by employers all around the world.
AUP graduates can complete up to 3 MBA subjects in Sri Lanka and save thousands of dollars in tuition and living expenses. Your American MBA from Cleary University, your Asian background, and your American career experience will definitely enhance your chances of securing the best jobs in the global employment market.
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advisor at PGC to learn more. Tel: (0)11-2502012, (0)112363112,0765-566566

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