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UCL International Foundation Year Student Raya Excels as World’s No. 2

Universal College Lanka (UCL) is Sri Lanka’s premier transnational higher education institute delivering world-class education via exclusive partnerships with high-ranking universities and awarding bodies, including NCC Education UK. Founded in 1976, NCC Education UK is a global provider of British education in more than 40 countries worldwide.
UCL has a proven track-record with its internationally recognised Foundation programme awarded by NCC Education UK for students after O/L’s (Local or Edexcel/ Cambridge) who wish to fast track to a degree programme locally or internationally. The UCL International Foundation Year (UIFY) programme emphasizes on developing competencies in the English language and communication skills, fundamental mathematics, and critical thinking with the focus of preparing students for higher studies in specialized disciplines such as Computing and Business. Upon successful completion of the UIFY programme, students aspiring to pursue their higher education dreams right here in Sri Lanka can follow 4-year British Degree programmes from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) or study overseas in other reputed universities in the UK, Canada, USA, New Zealand, USA, Wales, Ireland, Scotland among other countries.
Among its high performing students, 18-year-old Raya Marambage, has excelled and been lauded with the achievement of being ranked second worldwide in the recent final examination of NCC Education’s International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies. In conversation with Raya, – a past pupil of Gateway College Rajagiriya with many an Edexcel merit award to her name – she revealed the backdrop against which she attained her latest scholastic achievement, having joined UCL to pursue the UIFY programme in July 2019 in search of an environment that encouraged individual learning and character development.

You were placed second worldwide in the final-year exams of the International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies awarded by NCC UK here at UCL, an impressive feat. How would you describe the quality and competitiveness of this programme and the effort required in order to achieve this?
It’s a high-quality program that demands a lot of dedication and effort in order to be able to pass well or get a distinction. There is a lot of competition due to the high-calibre and talent of the UCL students and working hard from the beginning itself is imperative. In my case, I devoted two hours every day to complete homework, look up informative articles relating to my subject, and reach beyond the learning materials given to me. Aim for a hundred and nothing less – even if you do end up with a lesser mark, the determination and perseverance to reach your goal is what counts.
In your own words, how supportive were the faculty and staff associated with the UIFY programme in achieving this remarkable accomplishment?
Half of the credit for this achievement should definitely go to my beloved lecturers. Their teaching styles were clear and informative enough for me to get a good grip on the subject material and allowed me to clarify my doubts on the spot. Presentations, group activities, homework and weekly assignments enabled me to discipline and incentivise myself and I also received regular feedback which pinpointed my grey areas and the strengths that I should capitalise on in the future. The administrative staff were also very helpful and always went the extra mile to help me out with whatever query I had. I believe the friendly, open atmosphere here at UCL is one of the main reasons for my success. I’m very grateful to my lecturers and the administration for the motivation and help that they have given me.
Do you have any advice for potential undergraduates considering enrolling in this or another degree programme at UCL?
To potential undergraduates hoping to apply, this is a different environment from school. You are given more freedom, but it comes with responsibility and the expectation that you are mature enough to handle yourself.
Your lecturers will help you for sure, but you need to ensure that you have the drive to complete this programme to your utmost. Work hard and with discipline and while it is alright to be confident in yourself, don’t overestimate your capabilities. Take constructive criticism. Be dedicated and have a perseverance for your best, and the rest of the puzzle pieces will fall into place.
Raya has now progressed to the BA (Hons) International Business degree programme awarded by the University of Central Lancashire conducted at UCL.
UCL adopts a student-centred approach from top-down and across the institute that incorporates practical knowledge based on real-world examples to provide holistic experiential learning to its students. If you wish to obtain further information and assistance, please call on 0774 110 000 or visit the UCL Campus at No. 503, Sri Jayewardenepura Mawatha, Sri Jayewardenepura. You can also follow UCL on Instagram (ucl_srilanka), Facebook (UCL Sri Lanka-UCLan) or Youtube Channel (UCL Sri Lanka) for more updates about Life at UCL.

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