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Major Changes Coming to the Australian Business Migration Program in 2021- Last Chance to Apply Before Changes Take Effect

Australia’s Business Migration Program is seeking to attract people with a proven record of business skills and expertise, based on the level of experience gained as a successful owner, senior executive or investor, to develop a business in Australia. Only legit businessmen can take advantage of these Australian visas.
There is one Permanent Resident Visa (Business Talent 132), the others are 4 year provisional visas. For these, you will be required to meet additional criteria within the 4 years to apply for Permanent Residence.For all the provisional Business Visas, there are“State/Territory Government Sponsored” routes. The “State/Territory Government Sponsored” visas have less stringent criteria but require the applicant to have secured the sponsorship of the State/Territory Government where the business will be located.
Importantly, regulatory arrangements can change from time-to-time. The Australian Immigration has recently released information on future changes to the Business Innovation and Investment Program which will come into effect from 1 July 2021.
Suitable for applicants with an overall successful business career and with a genuine and realistic commitment to be involved as an owner of a new or existing business in Australia.
This visa is valid for 4 years*. You and your family can live in Australia during this period. Upon fulfilling certain criteria within this period, you can convert it to permanent residency.
Suitable for applicants who are high caliber business owners wanting to enter into business in Australia (new or existing).This visa provides the applicants direct Permanent Residency.
Australian Permanent Residency gives you and your family the opportunity to live in Australia and paves the pathway to become an Australian Citizen.
From 01 July 2021, Significant Business History (132) will be closed to new applications, meaning it will be abolished. However, those already lodged before 01 July 2021 will continue to be processed.
Should you commence your Migration journey to Australia, we FAIRFIELDS LAWYERS in Melbourne together with our partners in Sri Lanka- AUSTRALIA GATEWAY and Globally have surrounded ourselves with experienced people who are knowledgeable in business operations, finance, law and planning which helps us advise our clients on how to best apply for a business or investor migration visa.
Don Susantha Katugampala, the founder and the Principal Lawyer of Fairfields Lawyers and Australia Gateway, a Law Graduate from Monash University in Melbourne, a practicing Barrister and Solicitor, and an Accredited Immigration Law Specialist in Melbourne, is acclaimed strategist providing innovative and authentic Immigration Legal solutions for his clientele.
At present, Australia is home to over 150,000 Sri Lankans who continue to greatly benefit from the country’s myriad opportunities for superior healthcare, wealth creation, and success in both business and education. Preferred by most Sri Lankans as the ideal country to reside and study in, Australia has become the second home to hundreds of thousands of students for the world-class education and opportunities students are availed to there, on completion of their degrees.
Australia has become the most preferred destination for post COVID-19 business & investment migration for many people in the world. Australian Government has just announced reforming business and investor visas to maximize the economic benefits for Australia.
Those seeking to migrate for long-term business purposes will receive accurate advice and guidance to help them achieve consideration for permanent residency along with consultancy on how they can best meet their entrepreneurial objectives.
Families seeking to relocate to Australia will receive full-spectrum support from visa assistance to successful practices that will enable families and their children to adapt and thrive and also emphasis on the positives that include the provision of world class primary, secondary and tertiary education, political stability and access to free health services.

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