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CIMA launches CGMA Finance Leadership Program to Support Students, Employers and Universities

• New e-learning and assessment platform provides alternative pathway to completing CIMA Professional Qualification
• Meets accelerating demand for remote digital self-paced learning driven by theCOVID-19 pandemic

CIMA announced the launch of its digital learning platform – the CGMA Finance Leadership Program (CGMA FLP) on Thursday in Colombo to Students, Employers and Universities across Sri Lanka as a new and alternative approach to completing the CIMA Professional Qualification.
Late last year, a global launch was held across Africa, Europe and Asia by The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, the combined strengths of the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).
This comes in response to the increased demand worldwide to deliver remote access and flexible self-paced online learning.
It will develop future generations of Chartered Global Management Accountant (CGMA) designation holders, required for driving business performance and supporting economic recovery.
With traditional in-person tuition and examination methods being challenged by the Covid-19 pandemic and digital acceleration, this new e-learning and assessment platform provides instant on-line access for aspiring business and finance leaders to learn finance skills needed in business to the equivalence of a master’s degree level of education.
The CGMA FLP covers competencies in finance, accounting, business, people and digital skills set out in the CIMA Professional Qualification syllabus and assesses their application across operations, management and strategy. Students can start their learning journey at an appropriate entry level, building on existing education achievement, credentials and practical experience, with their College, Employer or University able to monitor and support their students as they progress.
Upon successful completion of each of the three levels of guided learning and assessments, participants must successfully pass business simulation Case-Study exams and meet professional experience requirements to become a Chartered Global Management Accountant and gain access to the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, the world’s largest body of accounting professionals, representing over 650,000 members and students.
Irene Teng, Managing Director – Global Markets, The Association of International Certified Professional Accountants said “CIMA’s CGMA Finance Leadership Program has been launched in response to the changing world we live in and meets the growing demand to deliver business finance and accounting skills through self-paced e-learning. Whilst there is still a place for traditional learning and examinations in test centres, it is right in a digital age that we now offer alternative pathways to learn, understand and apply finance.”
She continued “Understanding Finance is the foundation to so many careers in business and opens up career opportunities to be a successful business leader.
This new approach allows us to capitalise on innovation and ride the wave of digital acceleration. We are now able to reach more people, support more employers and provide better access to the profession”.
At the launch, Ms. Zahara Ansary ACMA, CGMA, Country Manager of CIMA in Sri Lanka, spoke about how students in Sri Lanka can join this programme via a Registered Tuition Provider who is assigned as a reseller. Two such providers will be unveiled soon.
As at the time of the launch, the UWS degree programme offered by Imperial College of Business Studies (ICBS) has joined on board as the first university programme in Sri Lanka to provide the CGMA FLP route in Sri Lanka.
There are few other State and Private Sector Universities awaiting registration to be recognised as Universities providing this access. This is an attractive route and facility for Sri Lankan Undergraduates as it enables them to complete the CIMA professional qualification whilst completing their undergraduate studies.
Also present at the launch were Fadhil Jiffry, FCMA, CGMA, Director and Chief Financial Officer of LSEG who spoke about how beneficial access to the CIMA Professional Qualification via the CGMA FLP would be for students as well as employers whilst Shehan Senanayake, President of the CIMA Student Society/ Investment Associate, Emerging Markets Fin Tech Pte Limited mentioned that CIMA has once again become a trend setter in revolutionising the professional education space.
He also spoke about how helpful this platform would be for students given the current context.
More information for students can be obtained via [email protected] whilst Employers and Universities interested in this programme can reach out to [email protected]

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