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BCI Negombo Calls Applications for Undergraduate Degrees

The BCI Campus, Negombo, recognized by the UGC as a degree awarding institute) has opened admissions for undergraduate degree programmes in Business Management – BBM (Hons) and Information Technology – BSc.IT (Hons). During the six years since its inception, the Negombo based campus has been offering higher education programmes in English, IT, Business Management,and Professional Studies and recently launched ‘BRIDGE’, a special pre-university bridging programme recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education.

A brainchild of His Eminence Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, the Archbishop of Colombo, BCI takes a unique and holistic approach to education which gives students access to a diverse world of opportunity. This is complemented by a modern curriculum, a team of highly qualified professors, and experienced lecturers, with a focus on producing multifaceted individuals empowered to excel as professionals as well as responsible citizens. Enrolment of students for these higher education programmes has commenced, and studentsas well as parents are invited to visit BCI for further information or initiation.
Speaking of the new degree programmes Director of BCI, Rev Fr. Quintus Fernando said, ”At BCI, we also know that guaranteeing the advancement of our students requires that we work closely with their parents and just like most parents we are conscious of what the future demands of our students. This is vital for the overall success of our graduates. There is also a focus on enabling a seamless transition from life as a student to life as a working adult, so that our graduates become employable and have better prospects in whatever their chosen vocation”. A visit to the campus will also give you a chance to see the university’s breathtaking surroundings, comprehensive, purpose-built, facilities, and amenities which incorporate state-of-the-art technology. The campus is open to students of all ethnicities and faiths. BCI prides itself on delivering a diverse and progressive curriculum that caters to individual talents and will enable students to succeed anywhere in the world.
Providing a versatile education goes beyond the classroom and requires a team of highly skilled, professional, motivated, and dedicated administration staff, who see to the efficient operation of the campus. They also ensure a safe, secure, and sanitary environment, including lush green expanses throughout the campus, which provides a more natural setting, vital for a student’s psychological and physical development.
BCI has opened admissions for their inaugural undergraduate intake that will commence in 2021. Students can now apply online via or call the campus on 0312035100 and get more information. The university also extends an invitation to those interested to visit the campus premises and experience BCI for themselves.

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