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Uninterrupted Student Travel service from Asian International Academy

Asian International Academy (AIA) is a pioneer in the Education industry and one which continuously strives to provide the best in terms of products and services to those seeking higher education. Considering the present environment, overseas education has come under the microscope as travel overseas is perceived as uncertain due to the on-going global pandemic.
Taking this into consideration, AIA is working closely with the affiliated Universities in order to facilitate the process of students traveling for their higher education with minimum disruptions.
The Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) remains open for student travel with several international airlines operating to key destinations with a regular scheduled operation.
AIA is the exclusive agent in Sri Lanka for the Canadian University Application Centre (CUAC). This has opened the door for many Sri Lankan students to apply to prestigious Canadian Universities.
The exception feature is that AIA facilitates the complete process without any charge for their services, ensuring an ethical and student -oriented process.
Having a portfolio of over 2000 Universities from over 27 countries ranging from USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Europe, AIA works closely with the relevant authorities to ensure that all students travel needs are monitored to ensure the highest levels of safety and convenience.
The strategic partnership with Acorn travels further enhance the offering to Sri Lankan students who want to study abroad with the three offices providing student counselling in addition to handling visas, airline ticketing, travel insurance and even PCR tests arranged at a concessionary price.
With leading international airlines such as Qatar airways, Turkish Airlines, Oman Air and Sri Lankan Airlines operating on a regular schedule, parents are afforded the peace of mind and students are given the required facilitation to ensure a smooth transition with the ACRON Travels collaboration.
AIA is considered a visionary in many fields and has pioneered Sri Lankan education by identifying the prevalent needs in the industry and ensuring that a spectrum of options is available.
The strategic partnership with ACORN offers yet another specific service to students by providing them with the necessary information and assistance during these unprecedented times.
What is AIA
AIA is the exclusive accredited study centre of the Sri Lanka Institute of Credit Management (SLICM). Additionally, Associate members of SLICM with relevant experience are entitled to directly enter the Strategic Level Case study in Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) professional qualification.
AIA is also a Global Partner of Becker Professional through which Sri Lankan and Maldivian students are provided with the option to study for the American Certified Professional Accountant (CPA ) programme.
AIA through its associate Alpha Business School which is a ACCA approved Learning partner provides the ACCA teaching as well as CFA teaching in Sri Lanka. Systematics Education is also an associate of AIA, the exclusive license holders for the Kaplan study materials in Sri Lanka.
In addition, AIA has a corporate training arm which serves to corporate clients in a variety of industries ranging from hospitality, IT services, Financial services and Defence.
For more information visit or telephone:0764 777721 / 0764 777761

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