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Open University of Sri Lanka – Be an Internationally Recognised, Graduate-Level Pharmacist

Pharmacy is one of the highly recognised and reputed health disciplines in the world. It is practised in a wide range of settings: community, hospital, long term care facilities, pharmaceutical industry, and government (Medical Supplies Division and National Medicines Regulatory Authority).The role of the pharmacist is far beyond its traditionally perceived role of dispensing medicines and devices to consumers.
To practice as a pharmacist in Sri Lanka, some basic educational qualifications are required.This includes the Certificate of Efficiency to practise as a community pharmacist and Certificate of Proficiency to practise as a hospital pharmacist. In 2006, some State Universities started offering a Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) Degree to develop competent pharmacy graduates who can effectively contribute to the needs and challenges of the pharmacy profession.
The Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) took over a challenging step in 2012 and became the first State University in Sri Lanka which offers a Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours Degree through the “Distance Learning Mode”. The Department of Pharmacy was established under the Faculty of Health Sciences at the OUSL to fulfill this objective. This opened up the opportunity to working pharmacists at any age to earn a standard degree qualification while working and having various other commitments.
The Faculty of Health Sciences is one of the six faculties at the OUSL. It consists of Nursing, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Basic Sciences, Psychology and Counselling and Health Education and Research Departments. The Department of Pharmacy offers the BPharm Hons Degree solely for the working pharmacists. There are hundreds of BPharm students who study in a calm and supportive learning environment with modern facilities and technology at the OUSL. The BPharm Hons Program which is conducted in the English medium consists of 120 credits and can be completed by a minimum of four years.
The students will be provided with written and/or electronic course material as their main teaching-learning tool. Courses are supported by supplementary online components for them to regularly interact with their course teachers. Students are also supported with video recorded lectures, video conferencing lectures, radio programs and other advanced teaching learning facilities.
The OUSL has opened the doors for you to become a competent Pharmacy graduate to reach greater heights in your pharmacy profession. It is your turn now to apply and be a proud student at the OUSL.
Application are now open till November 11. Reach us on, or [email protected] for more information. Join us to full fill your dreams!

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