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Horizon Campus Produces Excellent Pass Rates

Horizon Campus has yet again produced exceptional results for the Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) and Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law (Cert.HE) offered through the University of London.
The students who sat the examinations on the LLB and Cert.HE programs have excellent results, where the overall pass rate is over 80 percent across the three years of the degree. The students have achieved an 85% pass rate on most subjects taken across the degree program over the academic year. The great value of this achievement derives from the fact that all 12 subjects on the University of London LLB program is evaluated by year end examinations, which is quality assured by the University itself.
The University of London LLB program on a whole has had only 3 First class degrees this academic year, which was produced in Hong Kong, Malaysia and the UK. Under these circumstances, one notable and exceptional result which has brought credit to Horizon Campus and Sri Lanka is that of Final year student K. Rehan Perera who has the distinction of achieving the highest overall aggregate mark in Sri Lanka and 6th highest mark in the World on the LL.B program for 2017-2020. The achievement is put into perspective by the fact that around 5,000-10,000 students sit the University of London LLB final year exams every year.
These achievements are a testament to the quality, dedication, commitment and excellence of the Campus in providing a strong foundation in the knowledge and skills required for students to be effective legal professionals. The Faculty’s teaching system and curricular modules focus on grooming employable lawyers to progress into chambering who are well-trained on the basics, proficient in the legal language used by practitioners and are able to conduct research well.
Rehan said, “It’s an honour to be acknowledged as a high achiever. When I started the University of London LLB with Horizon Campus three years ago, I was fresh out of school with little notion of exactly what career path to take, with only a slight leaning towards the field of legal practice. Fast-forward three years of hard-work, stacks of books and sleepless nights, the project I started with has been an affirmative success. The road taken when completing this degree has by no means been an easy one with consistent attention being requisite but this has been facilitated through constant group work and resources made available to myself as a student. Much of this success must be attributed to my lecturers at Horizon Campus who had to work overtime due to my continuous submission of answers and questions and of course, none of this would have been possible without the support of my parents. It has been a rewarding journey professionally and personally, which anyone looking towards this noble profession would be fortunate to undertake.
Shehani Perera, who was a student on the Cert.HE program, credited her lecturers and the Institute lavishly by stating “I chose LLB at the University of London because I have this dream of obtaining a world-class degree from a prestigious university. Though there are many universities offering LLB in Sri Lanka, I was keen in selecting the best university to obtain the LLB degree. Given my background in HR, instead of opting for a Masters degree, I decided to enroll myself for a course which will complement my profession.
When selecting the institute, I chose Horizon purely because it was close to my residence. With my family and work commitments, I only thought of convenience at the time of selecting the institute. But, I am glad with the decision I made because Horizon proved to be everything I wanted in terms of flexibility, reasonability in fees and the quality of the lecturers. Though the lecturers are relatively young, they are really good at what they do. Horizon is open to feedback and that makes my life as a student a very comforting one.”
Dr. Ruwan Perera, Deputy Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculty of Laws at Horizon Campus said, “It is gratifying to see our students compete in international exams and excel in them by receiving excellent results from such a prestigious institution such as the University of London. We are proud of our students who have achieved their goals in their academic life. Our vision has always been to produce high-quality graduates who are capable of becoming leaders in the legal practice and serve the needs that our country so badly requires. Both Rehan and Shehani have set the course in showcasing what Sri Lankan students are capable of achieving. We, at Horizon, will continue to work towards helping our students achieve the best they possibly could while studying for such a challenging degree, such as the University of London LLB.”
Interested students could always get in contact with Horizon Campus via the following numbers or visit them on For inquiries on the Degree Programs and Registration, Call Jayomi on 0713 531 531 or Thilina on 0716 613 613 or 0114 365 555. You could also visit Horizon Campus at No. 482/B, Suhada Mawatha, Millennium Drive, Chandrika Kumaranathunga Mawatha, Malabe.

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