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Open University offers Master of Energy Management Degree

A first of its kind in Sri Lanka is unique UGC approved SLQF Level 9 one year Master Degree Program in Energy Management offered by the Depart of Mechanical Engineering of The Open University of Sri Lanka.
This Master’s degree program is expected to fill the gap that prevents many graduates who aspire to become professionals in the energy sector as energy managers and energy auditors. Those who successfully complete the programme will be able to deal with issues related to energy policies and management with a sound knowledge in new technologies in view of contributing to energy conservation by eliminating losses and optimally utilising the energy sources with utmost consideration paid to the environment. The graduates will be in a position to carry out comprehensive energy research in an organisation or a facility, identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, and recommend remedial actions along with economic feasibility plans.
Sustainable power generation and utilisation has become critical global issue, especially in the backdrop of depleting fossil fuel reserves and global environmental impacts. With the sharp increase in demand for electricity in domestic as well as commercial and industry sectors, Sri Lanka must seriously pay attention to sustainable generation and use of energy to alleviate the unfavourable impacts.
Many countries employ qualified personnel as Energy Managers and Energy Auditors to deal with energy related problems in the organisations.
Recognising the importance of this sector and keeping with international trend, the Energy Auditing was recognised in Sri Lanka as a profession by the Government through a Gazette notification (No. 1715/12 July 20, 2011) published under the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) Act No. 35 of 2007.

The Program offers:
= Extensive group activities in the form of mini-projects, case studies and discussion sessions
= An Energy Audit project in the industry
= Two online courses delivered by the experts abroad
= Affordable fee

Mode of delivery
Intended Program outcomes are to be achieved through student centered activities guided by the internal staff and external resource persons. The courses are delivered in mixed mode in line with Open and Distance Learning practices. These would include day schools/lectures, online classes and printed instructional materials. Practical training will be provided through reputed organisations in the energy sector. Most of the materials for supporting learning process are provided by the OUSL, Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority and other private sector organisations.
The curriculum includes: Energy and Environment, Thermal Energy Utilities, Electrical Energy Utilities, HVAC and Building Lighting, Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Policy and Planning, Management and Auditing Combined Energy Systems for Efficient Energy Use, Research Project, Planning and Implementation of Energy Projects, Financial Management and Human Resources for Energy Sector.
Join us on this remarkable experience to learn in a friendly environment and tap into the resources of global energy management. For more information, visit our website and apply online till November 17.

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