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KDU Holds International Research Conference

General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) held its two-day International Research Conference under the theme “Holistic Approach to National Growth and Security,”on Thursday and Friday.
The inaugural sessionof the conference held for the 13th consecutive time was graced by Education Minister Professor GL Peiris as the Chief Guest, and Professor Kapila Perera, Secretary to the Ministry of Education, was the Keynote Speaker.
Vice Chancellor Major General Milinda Pieris in his welcome address stated the significance of the Conference taking place in a challenging environment. He stressed the commitment of the university for continuity of events even under the most trying circumstances. Such efforts, he opined, would be necessary to enhance the resilience of the nation during crisis situations. The Vice Chancellor added that KDU, from its inception, was instrumental in handing down the core values of security to the development paradigm in Sri Lanka. He further stated the importance of maintaining a harmonious blend in security and development in all national projects.
Prof GL Peiris appreciated the selection of an appropriate and timely theme for deliberations in this year’s conference, and he praised the university for continuing its committed efforts even under exceedingly challenging circumstances adapting to novel situations. Prof Peiris elucidated the significance of the conference theme that highlights the intimate relationship between national security and the development, explaining with empirical evidence from the experiences of the nation in the recent past, how development efforts undermining security could be detrimental to a country’s future.
Prof Peiris emphasized the urgent need for reforms to bridge the gap between education and employment opportunities. He stressed the need for revising what he called “obsolete and anachronistic curricula” in education and for introducing methods of teaching and learning that develop analytical and critical faculties of learners to enable them to apply volumes of knowledge to face challenges and solve problems. He expressed his opinion that with its readiness for innovation, its quick identification of contemporary national needs and its appropriate interventions, KDU renders an invaluable service for the nation.
The Keynote Speaker, Professor Kapila Perera explained the concept of security in a broader perspectives and elaborated how the absence of security would jeopardise our expectations of being developed.
He emphasised the need for applying a holistic approach in education. He said that KDU has proven to be an institution that adopts such an approach.
With his closer affinity with KDU as one of its alumnus, Prof Perea commented on the success of the experimentations of KDU with a new model in education where civil and military students engage in their higher educational pursuits.
The two-day conference attracted 650 plus paper submissions for the technical sessions, and the first day of the conference was successfully concluded with the completion of the nine Faculty plenary sessions that were adorned with presentations by national and international scholars of eminence in each discipline on various sub themes.
The Health Guidelines and procedures issued by Health Authorities were strictly adhered to during the entire period of the event ensuring safety of all who attended the ceremony.

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