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The Management & Science University (MSU), one of Malaysia’s top Universities complements the needs of highly skilled and expert Human capital by offering both bachelor’s degree and Diploma in the Hospitality and Tourism specialisation.
As one of Malaysia’s top universities, MSU has received much recognition from the Malaysian and international independent bodies. In the most recent ranking, MSU has been ranked #28 in the world for Hospitality and Leisure Management. The 2020 QS World University Rankings by Subject places MSU at number 2 in Malaysia for Hospitality and Leisure Management. Scoring in five subjects, Management and Science University (MSU) made both the Top 50 and Top 100 lists in the latest ranking exercise.
MSU was also placed in the top 1.8 percent among Asia’s best universities and placed in the top 544thuniversities of the world. MSU is also ranked as one of Malaysia’s top five private universities through an establishment audit done by Ernst & Young.
Management and Science Institute (MSI) is the Colombo centre established by MSU. While the former offers a wide spectrum of Diploma programs, the latter continues the Degree and Master programs for academics to become professionals in their chosen field.
Following are the excerpts of the interview with MSI Director D. S. Peiris after the press conference in commemoration of their World Tourism day in the theme of “How to Develop the Pettah Floating market as a Tourism Hub”.
Q: What is the specialty in MSU& MSI compared to other universities?
A: We continuously update our quality in education, and we provide exceptional support to our students. MSU has a versatile lecture panel, including professors from various foreign universities for special industries and areas. By the end of the research, we teach students to give a thorough back up moving steadfastly in life and career.
We have been recognised by the University Grants Commission in Sri Lanka. Our MBBS is recognised by the Sri Lanka Medical Council. We are getting students from the countries, such as the Maldives, Seychelles and India. We do have expatriate students also with us along with Sri Lankan students.
The specialty in Management and Science University is; our students achieve not only their gained success in paper qualifications but also their confidence and real life experience and recognition. Students get an international exposure, while their learning-teaching process. They can visit MSU Malaysia for exposure in the respective faculties.
Q: What is your criterion of selection for MSU?
A: If the student needs to follow the bio- medical area, he needs the Advanced Level certificate. When selecting Hospitality and Event Management, only the Ordinary Level is sufficient. The knowledge of English is mandatory as the whole set up is catered for the background of communication, vocabulary and exposure in English. The students must have an acceptable knowledge of English to cater for their needs at MSU.
Q: What are the programs that you conduct in MSU?
A: In the Management and Science Institute, the following programs are offered from the level of Diploma to PhD.

  1. Biomedical science
  2. Forensic Science
  3. Nutrition science
  4. Business Management
  5. Human capital Management
  6. Retail management
  7. Hospitality and Tourism management
  8. Event management
  9. Leisure Outdoor and Adventure Management
  10. Information Technology
  11. Business Computing
  12. Information Technology (Mobile and Wireless Technology)
    Programs at MSU Malaysia
  13. MBA
  14. PhD
    Q: How is their internship catered coinciding with their studies?
    A: Internship is a specific sector for students. They follow what they learn theoretically while the practical application is carried out in the knowledge of practice. Practical application of their learned behaviour caters as to how they could get prepared for the industry. For example, we encourage our students who follow the hospitality industry to work at hotels. For those who follow the Business management are being instructed and directed to banks and finance companies. The students who are in the bio- medical field end up their last six months in pharmaceutical corporations and also in hospitals. They gain their specific exposure in their work. The students’ curriculum is with 60% through an examination 40% through various projects and practical application. Students can complete their degree at foreign universities, such as in MSU Malaysia; Hof University in Germany; Coventry in UK; Western Sydney University in Australia and AIT in Ireland. There are ample selections for the students of MSU.
    Q: Are there any oncoming programs that MSU is going to introduce?
    A: We are looking forward to introduce Foundation programs and Diploma in Psychology programs as the new discipline. It will be an IT related program relevant to data science and Artificial Intelligence. We are hoping to introduce more Science related programs.
    Q: What is your message for the students who are hoping to join MSU?
    A: Education is a lifelong process so that we should never stop at one achievement. We must have a passion for our dreams and the vision of consistency in education. We must continue education throughout our life.
    By enrolling students for programs at MSU, it will be a wonderful recognition and a lifelong investment for the parents. There will be an immense career expansion, an international ranking of universities and also with a tremendous enhancement of life by learning at MSU. This will be one of the best investments for your future.
    Management & Science Institute, No 300 Galle Road Colombo 3, e-mail [email protected], telephone: 011 257 6900 / 011 257 6700, Hot line 077 0777 880 and website

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