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Post A/L Dual Diploma intake at ESOFT – Online, Blended and Face to face Delivery Modes

ESOFT Metro Campus, being a premier private sector higher education institute with the largest network in Sri Lanka, has taken a variety of novel initiatives to handle the upcoming post A/L Dual Diploma intake. ESOFT has been the most sought-after institution for IT and English Dual Diplomas among the school leavers.
Expressing his ideas and views on the initiative, CEO of ESOFT Metro Campus Nishan Sembacuttiaratchy said, “We have taken comprehensive measures by fully adhering to all health guidelines given by the Government departments, ministries, the PHI and other authorities. We have also incorporated innovative technology based solutions to ensure that there is no disruption in the education process for the students of ESOFT. Our Dual Diploma in IT and English is the most popular program chosen by thousands of students each year via our islandwide centres to enhance and uplift their skills. Being the pioneer in the higher education sector, these products which were introduced by ESOFT are unmatched in quality although others have attempted to copy us. ESOFT also takes pride as the only Pearson Assured dual certification provider for IT and English programs in Sri Lanka.”
Expressing his opinion, Sembacuttiaratchy said that, “Our annual post A/L intake in the previous year was over 15,000 and this time, we expect the numbers to grow even further as students will not have the option of traveling within cities for their higher education and will be bound to adapt to online learning. Therefore, based on these conditions, we believe that ESOFT will be the first choice, with more than 40 locations covering the entire country.
The dual diploma program comprises a comprehensive curriculum which is regularly updated to meet the industry demands and expectations, a set of printed full colour textbooks and supportive materials on CD’s.
The latest addition to the resources that are provided includes access to the comprehensive ESOFT Learning Management System (ELMS),which is an advanced learning portal with state of the art technology which has been custom developed especially for ESOFT Metro Campus. This is a well secured system which is optimised to give better performance for a large number of students who will be using the system concurrently. The Dual Diploma consists of trilingual video recordings (English, Sinhala and Tamil) which will allow students to follow content at their own pace and in the language of their choice, even if they are unable to attend physical lectures.
These learning resources include attractive and interactive exercises in the form of fun activities that will uplift the learning experience of the learners while helping them to pay more attention to their stream of education. These exercises have been developed and integrated making use of the new concept of gamification, thereby attracting the attention and concentration of the young learners.
ESOFT is confident that with such a feature rich and capable learning environment, the campus is ready to deliver 100% online teaching in any challenging situation, even if the Government decides to impose a strict lockdown. However, we strongly believe that with a better control of Covid -19, we will be able to have face -to- face lessons supported with online learning intermittently. Students will receive a blended learning arrangement so that the programs will be delivered without any delay or interruption. The significant advantage of this dual diploma is that by the time the students get their A/L results, they will be simultaneously qualified in IT and English Language and would have earned lifeskills.
ESOFT Metro Campus in collaboration with Dialog, the premium telecommunication provider in the country, has whitelisted its learning portal and virtual lecture delivery platforms and offered free data packages to its students during the initial lockdown period. ESOFT is one of the very first educational institutions to go to the extent of bearing the cost of data on behalf of the students to promote online learning without adding an extra burden of the data cost to the students and their parents.
The CEO also reiterates that the parents should be mindful about institutions that offer substandard content under the guise of a dual diploma, and trying to imitate what ESOFT has achieved over a number of years. The Management of ESOFT strongly recommends parents to visit our centres in their respective area and witness the services and the resources provided including the textbooks and study guides as well as the learning environment and infrastructure of ESOFT.
Considering the current economical downfall due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Management of ESOFT has been generous to offer a special scheme where a student can learn English completely free of charge when they register for the IT Diploma. As this offer is valid for a limited number of students islandwide, parents are advised to secure a place for their child at ESOFT by purchasing a discount voucher either by visiting the nearest branch or online via the below URL.

Further details on the IT- English Dual Diploma could be obtained by contacting us on 011 7 572 572.

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