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Management Science University, Malaysia – Unique Opportunity for World-Renowned Ph.D. Program

With a track record of proven excellence, that World &551st QS World Ranked University in Sri Lanka, the Management & Science University (MSU) Malaysia is the ideal choice to enhance your academic track record with a Ph.D. This doctorate program is a significant value addition to your academic portfolio with the world recognition of the MSU.
Having been accredited and endorsed as one of the best and highest ranked universities in the world, the MSU offers you the first-class higher education experience with the required global recognition, bringing together our outstanding faculty, cutting-edge research methods and an immersive theoretical understanding at the exciting study environment, where the next generation of business scholars can refine their expertise.
MSU is recognised by more than 40 countries, including UK, USA, Australia, Eastern Europe, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, Indonesia and India. MSU is rated as an ‘Excellent University’ by Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia; the first non-Japanese University to be accredited by ABEST 21, Japan; accredited by Accreditation Services for International Colleges (ASIC) UK. MSU is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and recognized by the University Grant Commission (UGC) of Sri Lanka.
MSU PhD programs
Being a highly competitive and designed to fill to the knowledge gaps through practical-oriented and outcome based education, the MSU PhD program prides itself on its superior quality. The program is entirely research based, and the doctorate will be awarded on the successful completion of a thesis – by MSU Malaysia. Students will be examined by assessment of the thesis and the research on what it is based. The PhD programs also require a viva voice.
PhD Candidates must demonstrate the ability to carry out an independent research, and require a recognised Bachelor’s and Master’s degree that is approved by the senate of MSU to enter into this prestigious program.

Management and Science University (MSU) offers the following PhD programs:
• Management / Business
• Computer Science
• Accounting / Finance
• Education
• Bioinformatics
• Food Service Technology
• Biomedicine
• Library Science
Why should we follow PhD
at MSU?
Management & Science University, Malaysia has established its Learning Centre (MSI) in Colombo to create better opportunities for Sri Lankan students to receive an excellent education at their home country. The research-based PhD program offered by MSU, meets the international standards by complementing the thesis work with minimum of three internationally recognised refereed journal publications. The program is conducted as per the schedules provided by the University that consist a defence presentation, thesis work, work completion seminar and the final defence of VIVA. A Malaysian supervisor who is assigned by the university and local advisors guides PhD candidates. Monthly progress monitoring and all exams are conducted by MSU Malaysia.
Boasting an employability rate of 95% within 6 months of graduation, all MSU programs are specifically designed to cater to industry requirements and maintains their relevance to the market. MSU also takes the extra step to ensure that students are equipped with the required soft skills and competencies in addition to academic excellence. Providing an educational experience that incorporates theory with the required external exposure, MSU’s commitment is not just to create qualified individuals but employable individuals.
MSU greatly contributes to the concept of Sri Lanka becoming an educational hub in the South Asian region through a vast spectrum of programs from Diploma to Degree to Postgraduate Studies to Masters, PhD’s and MBA.

Dr. Lakith Peiris: Managing Director – Hemas Hospitals and Laboratory Chain, President Association of Private Hospitals and Nursing Homes
A thought-provoking, challenging and enriching three years at M S U as a part-time PhD student enabled me to complete my doctoral studies successfully in exactly three years. I found both the academic and administrative staff at MSU Colombo and Malaysia to be extremely friendly and supportive. The environment was vibrant with lectures, workshops and training sessions by highly acclaimed academics. Their support, advice, patience, encouragement, insightful comments were invaluable for me to be successful in completing my PhD in such a short span of time. Being a part time student, holding high office in the corporate sector, spending quality time with the family, a challenging work environment and frantically juggling commitments each day was a daunting task. However, highly supportive staff and the supervisors at MSU assisted me in numerous ways to pursue my goal despite my hectic schedule.

Prof. Harendra Kariyawasam: Prof in Accounting, Head – Department of Accounting, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce – University of Sri Jayewardenepura
My doctoral study was conducted on the impact of management control and the financial performance of the manufacturing companies in Sri Lanka. The research thesis was guided by two renowned Professors of Malaysia and Sri Lanka. “It is with gratitude that I state that the Management and Science University, Malaysia conducts its PhD programs within the stipulated time frame and it is worth the effort for a Professional.”
Prof. Dr. Prasadini Gamage: Professor in Human Resources Management, Department of Human resources Management University of Kelaniya
It is with great pleasure that I pen down this message as a successful PhD holder of the 1st batch completed doctoral studies at the Management and Science University of Malaysia (MSU) through the MSU Learning Center Colombo. For my doctoral studies, I selected one of the booming industries in Sri Lanka; the tourism industry and developed an HRM model to boost the performance of employees in star class hotels in Sri Lanka. In this dynamic environment, hotels have to rethink about their practices to respond to the customers’ demands more efficiently and effectively. The findings derived from this study could provide insights to the management of the star class hotel industry on the ways of how this sector could gain a competitive advantage and better perform through nurturing its HR by means of adopting High Performance Work Practices to face new challenges. I would like to express my sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to my supervisors, the Dean of the School of Business, MSU Malaysia, staff members at MSU Learning Center, Colombo for their invaluable guidance and support extended during the past three years.

For more information about MSU Ph.D and other programs (more specifically about the PhD intake in May 2018), contact Management and Science University, through our local Representative MSI Colombo on [email protected] Tel: 011 257 6900 / 011 257 6700 Hot line 077 0777 880, or visit us at No 300, Galle Road Colombo 3.

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