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Be a Lab-Star and Assist Doctors in Saving Lives

If you have a liking for the medical field and wish to join the world of tests, results and life-giving solutions for patients, then a career path in MLT may just be right for you!
In the end, you are the only one who can answer that question, Is a Career as a Medical Laboratory Technician good for me?
We at PATHE Academy understand what an important question that is! Here are just a few criteria for you to understand what a MLT Technician entails.

  1. You Love Science
    Since you were a child, Science fascinated you. You would play with tubes and coloured chemicals and imagined many interesting concoctions. You developed this love as you grew older and now it has become quite a passion.
    This career path will mean that you will spend time in a lab carrying out tests and analysing them. Your love for science and analytical mind will be of great value in this profession.
    If you have studied in the Bio-Stream and obtained simple passes in Biology, Physics and Chemistry, you can enter our program without delay.
  2. You are good with details
    Precision is the key in this job and if you have a penchant for details, then this job will bring you satisfaction. You should have a keen desire to elicit details from tests and love the results!
    You will also have a holistic vision that you are part of a life-saving medical team!
  3. You are okay with repetition
    If you do not mind repeating the results and doing the same task repeatedly, then this job is up your alley, so to speak!
  4. You are a back-stage Star!
    If you do not mind not being in the spot-light and do not crave for the spotlight like some doctors and surgeons, then this is the type of job that will make you happy!
  5. You get a buzz from Technicalities in Lab-Science
    If you love preparing solutions, collecting samples, examining cells, analysing data and test results, crafting charts, reports and graphs, discussing and reporting results with doctors and other medical personnel and if you like to look after a lab meticulously, then you have passed the test in terms of choosing the right career path.
    After reading this article and if you will probably feel a tinge of excitement running in your veins, then you should take the next step and enrol in our MLT program at PATHE Academy. We have something special brewing for those ‘wanabe’ Lab Technicians!
    Apply now for our next intake in October 2020.
    Medical Professionalism
    You will be tutored by the pioneers in the health-care industry and will enjoy the interaction with other like-minded science professionals. Our affinity to Park Hospitals which is managed under the UN Consortium will give you the added benefit of working in a private hospital under professional supervision.
    We can guarantee that this career path will be fulfilling and rewarding for you! You will be an important key in the dynamic health-care industry.
    If you think of Covid-19 and the global impact it has had on the health science industry, you will be proud to know that MLT Technicians have been in demand to support the doctors quell a global pandemic!
    We can arrange referrals from our past students who have been successful and are entrenched in private hospitals. You can meet with them and get more insights to your future aspirations!
    PATHE Academy is located at No. 7 Rajaguru Sri Subhuthi Road, Wellawatte. Call us on 0720259426 or visit!

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