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Start Your Journey to Success With Saegis!

Victor Hugo once said, “He who opens a school door, closes a prison”. Education is fundamental to our society, and it empowers the individual with a meaning for their lives. Saegis Campus was established to produce high-caliber, well-rounded graduates, exemplifying academic and research excellence, professional competence and moral integrity.
Saegis Campus is an inspiration of Bandara Dissanayake who is one of the most prominent personalities in the Sri Lankan education sector. He was awarded ‘Sri Lankan Entrepreneur of the Year 2018’ by Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Sri Lanka (FCCISL), representing the education sector for the first time in its history. Dissanayake in his 30 years of teaching career dreamt of providing education for the young generation. The concept of Saegis Campus is built based on his aspiration to provide ‘education for all’. As a young and modern higher education provider, our philosophy in producing global graduates enabled Saegis Campus to establish its brand name as a top-quality higher education provider winning the ‘BestInternational Centre’ award at SQA Star Awards in 2018 beating all the international centers around the world. We are also one of the non-state higher education institutions in Sri Lanka approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and also a proud member of the Sri Lanka Association of Non-State Higher Education Institutes (SLANSHEI).
Saegis Campus is a subsidiary of the Sakya Group of Higher Education established to provide Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degree programs. Located in the heart of the Nugegoda City, Saegis Campus proudly showcases its modern building with state-of-the-art facilities and in a very attractive premises ideal for providing an urban university experience. The Campus is surrounded by one of the fast-developing cities with all necessary amenities for students to have a comfortable campus experience.
We believe in producing global graduates with 21st century skills who can face the challenges of the global job market. Thus, we aim to nurture and empower our students not only with a scientifically designed curriculum, but also with the necessary skills to prepare our graduates for the modern workforce. In addition to academic work, all the students have the opportunity to involve in sports and other extracurricular activities at Saegis.
Saegis Campus proudly claims the Championships of several cricket tournaments such as Mora Sixes, SLANSHEI Cricket Tournaments etc. and we have several graduates representing national sports leagues. Saegis Campus gives great emphasis to produce multi-talented graduates by supporting them in developing their talents at a young age. The students have an opportunity to participate in Talent shows, Leadership programs and join several clubs and societies such as Rotaract, Leo, Easthetic, Photography and the ICT club. We encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities to enhance their communication, interpersonal relationship and other necessary soft skills.
We provide an atmosphere for our students to make them feel as Saegis is their second home by giving them a meaningful university life to enjoy their youth. We have a strong relationship with the students and parents to guide the students in making informed decisions about the most important turning points of their lives. We support our students throughout their study programs and until they reach their career objective. We have a well-structured Career Guidance Unit that trains our students to ensure that they stand out.
Saegis Campus has partnered with several corporate giants to provide Internship opportunities for our high performing graduates. We have broadened our industry networks and links which ensures that our students will have the required industry experience by the time they complete their Degree program.
Our goal ‘to become the most preferred higher education provider in Sri Lanka’ is not merely limited to a statement. At Saegis, we strongly believe that education should be well balanced and it should encapsulate life-skills such as critical thinking, decision making, self-expression and social values.
The philosophy of Saegis Campus is to inculcate the research culture among our students and staff members. Research work is incorporated in all the Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs offered at Saegis Campus. Each year, we organize Research Symposiums, Training sessions and Workshops to educate our students regarding Research work. Students are guided by Senior Professors and well-known Scholars in Academia who provide support during the Research projects and encourage the students for Research Publications.
Saegis Campus strongly believes that education with social values and moral ethics develop strong and successful leaders. As human beings, we must not forget our cultural values, ethics and society. Saegis Campus has proven the above by carrying out various CSR activities such as Blood Donation Campaigns, Flood Relief Donations, Beach Cleaning, Book donations to Libraries in rural areas etc. By making students organize such activities, we mould our students to respect the moral and ethical values. We are confident that our graduates are successful in both their professional and personal lives.
A successful future starts with the decisions you make today. Join hands with us to start your journey to success with Saegis!
Aushyani Samarasinghe
Dean International Affairs- Saegis Campus

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