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Bristol Institute Inducts Sixth Batch of MBA Students

Started in January 2018 with its inaugural batch, the MBA program at Bristol Institute of Business Management awarded by the University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol, has been widely successful across the higher educational sphere of Sri Lanka.
Lauded for its strict quality in line with UWE Bristol’s standards, time-relevant syllabus, holistic skill development and effective assessment criteria, the MBA program recently inducted its sixth batch of students – a commendable feat since its first intake just two years ago.
Spanning two years, the program has created an accumulated student population of over 250 MBA students at Bristol Institute of Business Management. Chief Operating Officer M.J.M. Dilshad said, “We have found that our MBA is a widely sought-after qualification, stemming from the fact that the fundamental core of the program revolves around preparing future managers to face the dynamism of the global market in the light of the many challenges of the contemporary business world.”
He said the programme seamlessly integrates practical insights and theoretical viewpoints into key issues facing organisations, and encompasses investigative methodologies that are relevant and applicable to today’s world. We also encourage our students to think about management in a responsible way to achieve sustainable value for organisations and the society at large.
“The business world is an ever changing one, and our MBA program not only shapes students’ thinking to be versatile, but also practises what it preaches,” said Dilshad, explaining how the institute overcame the challenges of Covid-19 by investing in sophisticated digital platforms to have a seamless shift from physical lectures to digital learning while keeping delivery quality intact. “We offered a comprehensive digital platform that included webinars, online tutoring, student support and an all-inclusive virtual library,” he said.
Structured to include a complementing mix of modules, such as Customer and International Markets, Leadership, Complexity and Change, Managing People in a Global Context, Strategy and Implementation, Digital Business Information Systems, Financial Decision Making and Conducting Evidence Based Research to name a few, the program also includes the completion of a comprehensive dissertation.
Delivered by a high powered lecture panel comprising PhD Holders, researchers, industry professionals and subject experts, the MBA program at Bristol Institute of Business Management ensures that students receive a rounded experience combining theory, application and skills development. Its flexible approach to learning in tandem with the contemporary nature of business in today’s world sets the Bristol MBA apart from the rest.

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