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Dream in Hotel Operations Management with Win-Stone

Q: What is Win-Stone?
We are a leading hotel training school in the tourism industry. We started our operation in 2004 with 45 students and a humble staff. We take around 300 intakes annually. We offer training for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of culinary and for interested investors who wish to invest in the hotel industry in Sri Lanka. As tourism industry is blooming all around the world, there is a rewarding future for potential investors in the hotel industry. Our aim is to satisfy our students, parents, shipping recruits, business and society by largely fulfilling their needs and expectations.

Q: What are the courses you offer from your hotel school?
We provide Advanced Diploma Courses, Shipping Courses, Australian Qualifications and National Vocational Qualifications.
The Advanced Diploma is the most popular course among the students. It covers the main four departments; Front Office, House Keeping, Kitchen and Restaurant. The course duration is for 6 months and designed to give students entry into a university bachelor’s degree.
The Advanced Diploma Course aims to provide students with an understanding of the managerial, decision-making and leadership aspects of the hospitality industry. The essential HR skills as how to handle clients, how to solve the work place problems, how to reach for a managerial post and much more guided by this course. Additionally, if you plan to start your own business in the hotel industry, you can consider this course as a milestone of your life.
Another popular course among the students is the TAFE SA (Australian Technical and Further Education, South Australia). This is a hybrid course as the lectures are conducted by professionals in Sri Lanka and Australia. You get the opportunity to practice what you have learnt in theory and pursue your dream in the industry.
Moreover, we provide international courses in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand along with one year work visa. And, we have shipping courses which are in partnership with international cruises as, AIDA, P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises and Costa Cruises.
As most of the students pursue their higher studies abroad, we provide the IELTS for the students. So, they get the chance to fulfill every skill they need under one roof.
As it is our duty to create experts in the hotel industry, we guarantee your future with our school. We are willing to have you in our school to make your future brighter and safer.

Q: How Win-Stone differs from other hotel schools?
The specialty we have is the quality education we provide for the students. The students have the opportunity to learn with an experienced staff. Having a leading role in the hotel industry, we have professional contacts from all around the world which will be a huge benefit for our students.
We are proud to say that the experts in the hotel industry Chef Gemunu Goonewardene as the Chairman of Win-Stone Group, Chef Iyanthi Goonewardena as the Managing Director, Chef Renuka Rathnayaka as the Pastry and Bakery Lecturer, Chef Arusha Jayasinghe and Chef Dammika Maddeliyagama work with us to give the quality education for the students.

Q: How about the job opportunities in the hotel industry?
Recovering from the Corona outbreak, the tourism and hotel industries in Sri Lanka are blooming again. As tourism is one of the largest industry in the world, we guarantee you future with our school. Moreover, it’s obvious that hotels have been opening all around the country recently. So, we consider it is our duty to create professionals in the field who can face any challenge and move on with changing the world.
Q: How do you measure the students’ performances?
We conduct continuous assessments through enhancing creativity, leadership activities, making the students face mock situations and through training. It is essential to apply what you learnt in the classroom in real-life situations.

Q: How about the admission of the students?
We have four intakes per year. Being aware of the hassle life style, we give the students the facility to pay the course fee in monthly installments. You can take a student loan to pay the fee or you can use HNB or People’s Bank for the transactions.
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