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The Best Flexible MBA From KIU

The business landscape is growing and becoming increasingly complex. Digital developments are transforming the workplace, by automating certain aspects of work to improving employee productivity.
To keep pace with the changing workplace demands, getting an MBA, ie. Master of Business Administration degree, has never been more apt. The postgraduate business administration programs are not only growing in availability but widening in its array of specialisations to help students carve a niche to prepare for the future.
Companies from industries have been largely impacted by the spread of Covid-19, especially transportation, hospitality, and professional services have been most impacted first. The official word from business schools is that it is too early to say what impact the spread of Covid-19 will have on both part time and full-time job offers. However, Business professionals are predicting that this maybe the good time for investing MBA or any educational work to Get back to the right positions after the epidemic period is over.
World indicators and surveys raveled that still there are bright spots in MBA market.Technology companies including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Netflix continue to hire robustly, schools report. Amazon, for instance, has hired a record 1,000 MBA students worldwide so far this year, up 20 percent from 2019. There are companies that are now busier than ever and continuehiring. This includes banks, which are more resilient than other sectors.The digitization of recruitment and working practices is changing the types of skills graduates who need to succeed in the job market. The career supporting business schools have to be changed, therefore, KIU newly design MBA in Strategy can make a big difference in the MBA market in Sri Lanka.
The Master in Business Administration in Strategy in KIU can help graduates and professionals to become agile business leaders. This includes equipping students with the skills and knowledge to identify and understand the drivers affecting business value creation, in addition to helping them stay relevant throughout their careers.Many graduates claim that their MBA has helped them achieve a promotion, expand their area of expertise, equip them to start their own business, widen their professional contacts, learn more skills and gain knowledge about the business world, to name a few.
KIU MBA program is highly flexible to cater to working adults. Students can opt to earn their degree fully online, in-person, or via their hybrid model which blends online course material and face-to-face sessions, ensuring you find the right mix to keep your MBA on track.
The KIU designs their specialised tracks with feedback from industry partners so that the curriculum responds to market needs. This ensures students gain a competitive edge in the marketplace, regardless whether they are moving up or making a career change.Learning here is never passive. Students will benefit from project-based experience to enhance their learning. For instance, the faculty brings students and industry together to find solutions to problems that companies face in managing or growing their business. You can also expect to learn from your global network of peers during the program, fostering diverse points of view in discussions and projects.
KIU MBA program is broad-based, emphasising teamwork and hands-on learning. This is in addition to providing education for managerial positions in business, industry and government. The program also helps professionals update their skills for career advancement in their respective organisations.It is designed for working professionals who wish to expand their current knowledge and accelerate their career potential without having to take time off their jobs. Classes are held during the evenings or weekends. MBA students can choose either Sunday whole day classes or 3 working day evening classes up to their preferences and lecturers are online and face to face modewith hybrid formats to accommodate working professionals.
The MBA program in KIU is directed by a well-qualified Panel of Professors and senior lecturers with PhDs in their fieldand most of them are visiting faculty members in well reputed government universities. The panel comprises of in-house lecturers, visiting faculty members in locally and internationally as well as industry personalities possessing a track record of teaching.The panel of lecturers consists of over 20 outstanding academic staff, with wide teaching and research experience. Having been exposed to international surroundings, their methods of teaching are of exemplary standard.

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