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IIHS; Affordability, Inclusivity and Quality

The International Institute for Health Sciences (IIHS) was established 20 years ago as a nursing school. The International Institute of Health Sciences prides itself on being Sri Lanka’s premier International University Learning Centre dedicated to creating Smart People for a Smart World with their diverse and innovative delivery methods and international collaborations. The IIHS commenced its intake on September 1 for the students who are after Advanced Level. They offer three main programs.

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy
  3. Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical science
    All three programs are articulated programs that the students have to complete three years of the advanced diploma in the chosen field in Sri Lanka and for the final year, they can go to Australia, UK or to Finland to complete their degree. It has other options such as Canada, USA; with IIHS. Those programs are pathway programs for three years. The students have to study and for the final year, they can fly to Australia, UK or to Finland to complete their degree. This is the main focus in this intake in September.
    If students want to complete their studies in Sri Lanka for all the three programs, they can accomplish that in four years.They can complete it in 3 years advanced Diploma in whatever their subject is. The students at IIHS can prolong up to their PhDeven in SriLanka if they wish to do so. In IIHS it’s a pleasure to announce that they are giving affordable cost in completing the degree. If you do the degree in abroad the cost is quite high; but it will cost the students simply one tenth of the total program cost if the degree is done in Sri Lanka. The total course fee will be around Rs 6,000,000. But if you obtain the same degree in Sri Lanka it will cost you around Rs 600,000.
    There is something significant in the system of IIHS when the students are concerned. Usually what happens in our industry is; we exclude students after their A/Ls due to various reasons. According to their scheme, marks, failures and fewer standards of their results, the students usually get excluded. They have limitations and fewer opportunities. For IIHS value, they have a concept of inclusivity where they would like to include all the students irrelevant of the fact that they are either after A/Ls or on pending results. Even if they fail the A/Ls or just after the completion of O/Ls, the IIHS can accommodate them in its sphere. The stream of their study too does not get considered because they have the foundation and pre-foundation courses. Hence, the institute could always fix them on these courses according to their qualifications and requirement. Then, it will be easier for them to complete the full course. That will come under Inclusivity.
    Likewise,the first concept of the IIHS would be Affordability, then Inclusivity and next is the Quality. In quality vice, they deliver the internationally recognised program in Sri Lanka like in the same standard quality. They value by having the various different types of quality audits. Some of them are for the institute facility and some are there for the academic purpose.
    They have quality audits for course delivery, lecture panels, tools and the technique which they have been using. The IIHS has quality audits from all their partner universities. It has achieved the ISO Accreditation (9001). This is happening annually along with all the other audits. As the IIHS is in a Health Care Training education, especially in health industry, there are some regulatary councils to validate the program. Likewise even for that affordable IIHS offers quality education for the students.
    When it comes to Accessibility; the IIHS has the award winning learner management system from 2015 to 2018 from the Commonwealth Center for Digital Health for the use of technology in education.
    IT has won that award at a stretch for four years. It has been using our learner management system for more than 7 years. With that, the institute is providing online education for its students so that they can study whatever the place they are. Especially in this Covid-19 situation, the IIHS has managed to complete all their educational programs without any issue due to their learner management system. The IIHS is proud to say that they are on track in their time table and there is no delay even in a graduation or any other necessity at the IIHS.
    It is always the student based education at the IIHS. Students learn through the interactive activities and they follow up the collaborative learning method through group discussions, presentations and other activities. Also at the IIHS, when entering a student, their education style is measured through tests as there are students with different standards. Some students would like to read and remember whereas others may like to write and memorise. Hence, the IIHS identifies the capacity of students through its tests and group them according to their calibre.
    The IIHS provides wider choice to their students with unlimited opportunities as to how they should select their areas in accordance with the family background, capacity of their parents and the selection criterion. Therefore, the IIHS is always in the process of Affordability, Inclusivity and Transformation to its customers in their incessantservice.

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