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Medical Education Overseas ;Join the Only Pre-Medical Program in Sri Lanka

Overseas Medical Education is available for students who completes “A-Levels in Local (CCS or above) London (CCD or above)”. What about students who have aspiring dreams of becoming a doctor right after O-Levels or talented students who are disheartened with their AL results? Is there a second chance of achieving a “Dr.eam”? The answer is, “Yes”.
Studying Medicine – “After O-Levels or with Less A-Level results”?
The notion of a student failing / obtaining “S” passes in A-Levels and studying medicine has led towards criticism by certain people. Only 40% of what you learn at AL’s are focused in Medical Education, rest are mostly new therefore placing a judgment “ONLY THROUGH A-LEVEL FOR MEDICAL EDUCATION” is a misconception.
Failure to achieve the entry requirement of university, students’ needs to enroll for the “Pre-Medical Program” which is more oriented to Medical Studies than A-Levels. Completion of a Pre-Med program is an indication that the candidate is “ELIGIBLE” to study medicine.
About the Pre-Medicine Program?
This is a Pre-Qualification offered by the “Vitebsk State Medical University- Republic of Belarus” to assist students in accomplishing university entry requirements. If students do not have minimum grades of CCS/CCD or wishes to enter right after O-Levels, completion of the foundation program is an evidence of the student being qualified to study Medicine.
About Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU). Is this Pre-Med recognised internationally?
Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) is fully recognized by WHO (World Health Organization) and ECFMG – USA, AMC – Australia and GMC United Kingdom.VSMU is one of the most distinguished higher medical institutions in the Republic of Belarus and considered to be one of the European Leader in Medical Education and Research. VSMU was established in 1934.
Currently, many overseas medical students including more than 350 from Sri Lanka currently studying Medicine (Doctor of Medicine – MD) in this world class medical university. In addition to Sri Lankan students, there are more than 30 nationalities of students studying at VSMU making it one of the most popular medical universities for Sri Lankan students
Three Qualifications in One Medical Degree
Vitebsk State Medical University has the option of offering the 6 year MD (Doctor of Medicine) with an additional Dual Qualification within the 6 year time frame. This pathway is exclusively for students placed through IMC Education, Sri-Lanka. The Vitebsk State Medical University in partnership with IMC Education, Sri-Lanka collaborated with Lincoln University College in Malaysia to provide the following dual qualifications

  1. Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons) – on completion of the 4th year of studies.
  2. Master of Medical Science (By research) – on completion of the 5th year
    Benefits of more career scope & variety of employment options. Research orientation offers students competitive edge over others during the postgraduate medicine program and when they attend interviews in the foreign hospitals for employment.
    About (Pre-Medical Program) through IMC Education
    (IMC Education is the only approved and accredited International learning center in Sri Lanka of Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU), Republic of Belarus to deliver the Foundation in Science (Pre-Medical) Program in Sri-Lanka.)
    The 8-12 months IMC Pre Medical Program provides the academic bridge for students to progress successfully to undergraduate Medical studies at the “Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) – Belarus”. The Program has been specially designed for students after O/L’s and with A-Level results not meeting the direct university entry requirement who has the eager to fulfill their dream of becoming a Medical Doctor at a younger age.
    Sri Lankan students can choose this Foundation in Science Program, as the successful completion assures admission to the Doctor of Medicine (MD) program and secure careers overseas.
    If students wish to work in Sri-Lanka right after the Degree, the Pre-Med program can be done in parallel with 1 Year London A-Levels by IMC Education provided the student obtains (CCD).
    Opportunity to work in
    Sri-Lanka & Overseas
    According to Sri-Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) in order practice medicine in Sri-Lanka right after completing studies, students need to obtain AL results (Local/London) of CCS or CCD above (Mandatory). Stu

dents who complete Medical Studies with Pre-Medicine will secure careers overseas as a Medical Doctor.
Job Opportunities in the International Market through Pre-Medicine
World report shows that the Demand for Medical Doctors in countries such as the UK, USA, Australia and Europe is increasing whereas the supply of doctors is very less.
The population below 18 years is projected to grow by 5%, whereas the elderly population over 65, who typically require more care from physicians, is expected to grow by 41%. (Source: News Medical Life Sciences).
These countries do not consider A-Level as a mandatory qualification to work as a Medical Practitioner. Students who have completed the Pre-Medical program & the Medical degree with a completed Internship from Vitebsk State Medical University, Belarus can now fill the gap of the Lack of Supply in Medical doctors.
Scholarship Opportunities for Foundation In Science
(Pre-Medical) Program
IMC Education has opened a Scholarship opportunity for all aspired candidates to start off their Foundation in Science (Pre-Medical) Program up to 75% through a placement examination.
IMC Education’s support for Careers in Sri-Lanka
& Overseas
IMC Education assists students to appear for the Medical Licensing Examinations all around the world.
IMC Education is affiliated to the best Australian Medical Council Examination trainers in Australia and the best trainer for United State Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) to obtain careers in USA| Australia.With Germany becoming a very lucrative country for Medical doctors, students can also explore the opportunities in such European countries.
IMC Education –Only Official Representative to have a full time office in Belarus
IMC Education is the Only Authorized Representative for Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU), Republic of Belarus. IMC Education is the only accredited learning center to provide the Internal Medical Foundation of Belarus in Sri-Lanka & Maldives. We are also the accredited examination center in Sri Lanka for (VSMU) to conduct the entrance examination of university. With a proven track record of 100% student pass rate at Foundation exam & medical entrance exam IMC Education opens admission for the September 2020 Intake.
Call IMC Education on 077 30 888 40 | 077 442 1597 to book a free appointment and obtain details on Foundation & Medical Programs for the September 2020 Intake.

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