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ECU Sri Lanka Invites Students to Study Bachelor of Design-ECU Sri Lanka Introduces Its Newest Degree Program

With a focus on game and interactive design, the degree of Bachelor of Design provides students with knowledge of traditional multimedia and emerging digital interactive technologies, while drawing together theory and knowledge from multiple creative disciplines, including web, visual and interaction design.
Students gain skills and competence in the design, scripting, development and usability of digital media products for information, entertainment and commerce. They will also study the social and cultural impact as well as the psychological and social principles of digital products of web and other emergent digital products.
In the final year, students will be exposed in detail to subjects, such as Preparation for Professional Life, Interactive Media, Game Development, Design Project, Advanced Game Design, Advanced Web Design and two elective units of students’ own choice.
Employment opportunities
With a Bachelor of Design, students will gain employment opportunities in development and design of games, game concepts, game scenarios, e-learning materials, websites, digital media, multimedia systems; digital content development; and digital design project management. This program also prepares students for careers in the field of cyber security, including areas, such as network security, computer forensics, information warfare and wireless security.
Some of the careers that students with Bachelor of Design can pursue are: Game Concept Artist, Game Evaluator, Educational Game Designer, Game Level Designer, Game Researcher, Web Designer, Web Developer, Interface Designer, Interaction Designer, Digital Media Manager, User Experience Designer and User Centered Designer.
Who can join?
On completion of eight units of ECU Bachelor of Design Year 2, students can progress to Year 3 of the Bachelor of Design.
Students who have previously completed the Advanced Diploma of Science (Computing/IT) or Advanced Diploma of Commerce at ACBT or a comparable Advanced Diploma or a 2nd year Bachelor’s Degree from another recognised institution may be eligible for advanced standing, which would reduce the total number of units required to complete this degree.
ECU Sri Lanka invites the local student community to join the Bachelor of Design degree program and at the end of the program, successful students will be awarded with a Bachelor of Design degree from Edith Cowan University, Perth, Australia.
To join, or to see if you are eligible for advanced standing, contact us via 077 7616 600/077 3000 900 or visit

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