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Be a Business icon with MSU ,Bachelor in International Business (Hons) Degree

Management and Science University (MSU) offers Bachelor in International Business (Hons.), a qualification desirable for seeking top senior positions in management globally.
It provides a strong platform on a wide range of management issues, techniques and practices specialising in incorporating knowledge of global business trends that include international management, finance and banking, e-commerce and marketing. The program has been developed in conjunction with business enterprises to prepare dynamic personnel for the field of international business and business management.
MSU – ‘Bachelor in International Business (Hons.) graduates are greatly valued by employers for their analytical skills and their thoroughness of academic approach.
Subjects covered in the Bachelor in International Business (Hons.) are International Management, Cross cultural Management, International Trade, International Marketing, International HRM, Shipping Management, Logistic Management, International Business Law, International Financial Management, Operations Management, and Freight Forwarding are the major subject areas. The program develops knowledgeable graduates with highly competent management skills and technical know-how of the various disciplines in this course.
Students with OL or AL qualification can join the MSI diploma program in Business Management (20 months, including the internship) and specialise in their degree in International Business in the final year. A student who possesses a recognised advanced diploma in Business Management or related field are eligible to join the final year of the Degree.
MSU is the architect of modern education programs that suit the current trend and is popularly known as the “Global University of Choice” with a mission to mould degree holders of high moral values and distinction; committed to lifelong learning, leadership, integrity and professionalism, in response to the national and global needs.
It is committed to produce highly employable personnel by maintaining impeccable standards and quality. One needs a high standard of business ethics and a touch of professionalism to ride the crest in the business world and MSU leaves no stone unturned to give candidates an exposure to reach greater heights.
A team of experts at MSU Malaysia monitor all programs at the MSU Colombo. The lecturers selected professionals with industry work experience and fully committed towards ensuring a high rate of success in performance.
It provides state-of-the-art facilities for the students to learn in an environment conducive for them to study. There are fully equipped classrooms, discussion rooms, computer labs, sophisticated library, e-library and an auditorium. Being a wireless campus, students can access the internet freely from any place inside the building.
MSU Malaysia is the 551st QS WORLD Ranked University and offers multiple options for a great future through its renowned Degree Programs recognised by the University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka and many leading universities worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and japan. On the international front, MSU is recognised by more than 40 of its partner universities worldwide making it convenient for students to continue or transfer their studies to other countries of their choice.
The efforts towards ensuring international and industry exposure while pursuing studies at MSU have helped students achieve a high rate of employability.
An international business degree, or global business degree is an academic degree with a focus on the global business market. The growth of international business has created a demand for people who have knowledge of global markets. With an international business degree, you could work in several positions in many different industries.
In addition to The Bachelor in International Business (Hons) Degree program, MSU also offers other Degree programs, such as Hospitality Management, Event Management, Biomedical Science, Culinary Arts, Information Technology, Accounting, Islamic Finance and Logistic Management. Students who complete the Bachelor’s Degree have the option to continue with the education even up to PhD or opt to seek employment. MSU provides a well-defined career path for students to continue their studies to a doctoral level at MSU or at one of its affiliated university.
MSU also allows students the possibility of paying the course fee in installments and degree lectures will be conducted during weekends. Prospective students can visit MSU Learning Canter at No. 300, Galle Road Colombo 3, and based on the present level of education and career goals, the student counsellors will help them start a Diploma, Degree /Masters or PhD on their chosen field of specialisation.
For further information about MSU programs, visit the Management and Science Institute Colombo at No. 300, Galle Road Colombo 3 or contact us on at [email protected] or www.mus.edu.lkTel: 011 257 6900 / 011 257 6700 Hot line 077 0777 880

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